The only word to describe the amazing duo of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edminson is genius. For the past 25 years they have provided us with some unforgettable programs that left us on the floor such as The Young Ones, The Dangerous Brothers and of course, Bottom. The DVD contains the very best and violent bits from the live shows and TV programmes that have starred the two slapstick legends in the past 25 years. With the help of the great comedy writers such as Ben Elton, they have produced many great moments, such as the sprouts of doom and the towering inferno impression that went horrifically wrong. Here they are, all of the great moments on 1 disc. Here is what you can expect from the greatest compilation of slapstick moments of all time!!!

Security. Derrick Jones has worked for that dream for his family for three years. But quick corporate cutbacks leave him alone, penniless, a new baby on the way, and his dreams at the other... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bottom torrent reviews

Lisa D (gb) wrote: wild ride of hilarity and angst

Sanjay T (us) wrote: Okay movie with complex plot!

Brian M (jp) wrote: i went down too, i always do!a funny irish film...never!!!

Jake S (br) wrote: BMX Bandits touted greedily as an "Australian adventure crime drama film", comes off as more of a romp through an asylum as the story flits between bank robbers, a crew of hapless teenagers and a plot that makes Tommy Wiseau's 2003 American independent romantic drama film (hows that for a fucking genre) look like the Shawshank Redemption. The movie starts with a band of violent bank robbers doing over a bank in 1980's Manly (Sydney, Australia) dressed in a frightening 'three little pigs' motif. Meanwhile two young stooges, PJ and Goose, pop some rudimentary BMX stunts about town eventually having their bikes destroyed by lazy-eyed Judy (played by Nicole Kidman) who is collecting trolleys at Waringah Mall. In order to pay for new bikes, the 3 idiots team up and rather than asking their rich North Shore parents for new bikes decide to knick a dinghy and search the harbour for cockles to fund their cyclical addiction. The kids end up finding some hot walkie talkies and after selling them get kitted out in some sick Mongoose merchandise. Problem is the walkie talkies belong to the boss of the bank robbers, a psychopath known only as 'the Boss'. He enlists the help of his two best morons, Whitey and Moustache. With such an explosive opening, it's hard to believe that this movie is such a bomb. Trying to be too many things at once, it lets the BMX genre down with only one twentieth of the stunts performed in similar movies such as Rad (1986), and not even a single back-flip.

Andrew I (jp) wrote: Set mostly in Scotland, this British film from the 1960s seemingly revolves solely around the antics of Mij the otter, but in truth is rather deeper than that. It shows us, amongst other things, that a simple life with a few animals for company can be far more rewarding and enjoyable than a 'successful' life in London with all it entails. The film occasionally lapses into Disney-esque farce in places, with Mij pulling down the curtains and wrecking the house, which detracts slightly from what is otherwise a good film. As ever with animal films (and there are a lot of different animals in this, not just otters), it has some sad moments too, but don't let that put you off. Recommended family viewing. One of the better free-in-a-newspaper DVDs I've ever seen.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: Ok so Director Freddie Francis may not have had Terrence Fishers grasp pf the gothic sprawl,but what he doess have is a great visual eye . This was the third outing for Lee as Dracula and the films were set in a template that Francis was easily able to follow. Rupert Davies is great value as the monsignor who invokes Draculas rage and puts the life of his daughter in peril. Francis spend a lot of his time building up the return of Dracula and the scenes in the inn give the film some light comic touches amid all the usual lurid Hammer Gore. This was also the first film where Dracula has lines of dialogue ,which does detract from his threatening and brooding presence but it is kept in check so it does not kill the film stone dead. Looking back some find it easy to mock Hammer films for constantly going to the same old story time and Again . But for me Hammer films are a delightful reminder of our English Gothic heritage and as such they deserve much kudos.

Reno V (au) wrote: "NYMPHO IN CHAINS" - 'Black Snake Moan' is a 2006 drama film written and directed by Craig Brewer. The story is about a nymphomanic young woman who is helped by a elderly black blues artist to get her life back on track. Disloyalty and addiction are the main theme of this film. It also got a lot of criticism from feminist activists because the main character is put into chains. In my humble opinion, the movie was okay, but I do confess that I expected more. With the strong performances of Samuel L. Jackson (Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction), Christina Ricci (Sleepy Hollow, The Addams Family) and Justin Timberlake (Edison, The Social Network). When Rae's (Ricci) boyfriend Ronnie (Timberlake) leaves to do his army service, she indulges into alcohol and drugs, enforcing her nymphomania. Already betrayed her man two times on the day he left she is found by Ronnie's best friend Gil, who offers to bring her home. But inside his car, Gil wants to take advantage of her. No compelling, he beats her and dumps her on the side of the road believing she is dead. The unconscious and heavily beaten Rae is found the following morning by deeply religious farmer and blues artist Lazarus (Jackson). He takes her in and nurses her. Delirious, Rae's lust starts to kick in. When she fully wakes up, Lazarus has chained her to a radiator and announces her that he will help her to heal from her sinful ways. But is Rae up for the test?

Tim C (us) wrote: Not Half Bad God Job

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: If you have a passing knowledge of comic book superheroes you'll find this satire hysterical. It seems that all of the superhero powers are lampooned hysterically.

david s (ru) wrote: Pointless male dominatrix fantasy, trivial soft-porn pseudo-science. Colourful and decorative, otherwise nothing.