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Boudu torrent reviews

Ashley H (de) wrote: Just Wright is a disappointing film. It is about a physical therapist who falls for the basketball player she is helping recover from a career-threatening injury. Queen Latifah and Common give awful performances. The script is badly written. Sanaa Hamri did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Zsolt K (es) wrote: Megint egy gyenge film, de a ravasz dolog benne, hogy mar az elejen kivancsiva tesznek: Mit keres benne Laurence Fishburne? Es vegignezed, hogy vajon mi lesz vele.

Oscar H (ru) wrote: Ungefr allt r smre i denna trea, vilket nog delvis kan skyllas p en obefintlig budget. Manuslsningen som r gjord fr att f in en ny, het (och kldbefriad) alien-tjej i filmen r under all kritik, och Natasha Henstridges medverkan r blott ett skmt. Liksom upplsningen. Menmen, nu laddar vi infr fyran!

Anthony S (au) wrote: You would think this film was made for TV. I don't know maybe it is, but the film is very amateurish looking and squanders it's cast.

Kanishka R (de) wrote: Really amazing movie. I can't believe that it didnt win the Oscar while the sugar-coated Bollywood-ish Slumdog Millionaire did!

Peter M (au) wrote: Had wanted to see this for a long time, and was INCREDIBLY disappointed in it. I'd wanted to see a good anti-war film and a good John Lennon film, and this was far from either. Another reviewer used the word pretentious. Well, stick a "super-" in front of that, and I'm right there. Meanigless gags and slapstick, humorless attempts at humor, a contorted and stupid plot. I couldn't make myself watch it to the stupid - it would have to be stupid - end. Hate to say this, but wow!

Bloody P (kr) wrote: LOVED IT. the first time I watched this movie I was so scared of it I had nightmares for weeks. it wasn't the doll. it was Mary Shaw, the creepy story..everything even the lightening during the film just made everything creepy to the max. I loved it. James Wan is my top horror directors. he scares me.everytime

Mlissa A (nl) wrote: Pas pour moi. D (C)finitivement pas pour moi.

Sally S (de) wrote: 2006 - 2.5/5What more could a girl ask for? Paul Walker and beautiful huskies!This movie could have been really crappy very easily. Seriously, this movie could have been horrible, but I don't think it was. It is based on a true story and although its hard to say exactly what the dogs went through, I think the movie did a good job making it more about the connection between Jerry (P Walker) and the huskies.The film does start off slow, but it does pick the pace up. It's a good movie for people of all ages.Beautiful scenery, gorgeous Paul Walker (RIP), and beautiful huskies. This movie makes for a great screensaver if you don't want to listen to the dialogue.

arm a (us) wrote: pretty bad, but it was a teenage fantasy

Lee M (gb) wrote: Worth it for the talent on display, disappointing for what the talent has been given, or not given, to work with.