Boule & Bill

Boule & Bill

Buddy is an abandoned young cocker spaniel waiting dejectedly in his cage for a kind, new owner to adopt him. Suddenly, Billy, a little boy whose hair is as red as Buddy's, appears. It's love at first sight and the beginning of a great friendship. But for Billy's parents, this is where the trouble begins.

The daily adventures of a boy named Boule and his spaniel Bill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Boule & Bill torrent reviews

Venetia D (ca) wrote: A feel good movie with lots of fun and a grand mix of song and dance!

Ian B (ca) wrote: Pretty sad and surreal movie can't imagine what I would be like if I didn't leave!!

Mario H (ca) wrote: The music was great but the story was okay. Didn't really know what girl was which.

Austin S (gb) wrote: i very entertaining low buget indie film with likeable leads and smart comedy

Colleen W (au) wrote: The plot is very weak and the flim is slow moving. The film plods along without any genuine character development. Rupert Graves, Anne Marie-Duffy, Phyllida Law are excellent actors completely wasted by the dull and uneventful script. There is pointless full frontal male nudity showing the man urinating into a toilet. Scenes like this do absolutely nothing to develop the narrative development. I don't mind nudity in films - but at least the film has to have some semblance of a plot. The dull script revolves around a married couple - with the husband committing adultery with the next door neighbor - and that next door neighbor living with a commitment phobic boyfriend who does not want to marry her, nor have kids with her. To make matters even more pathetic - the husband who is committing adultery with the next door neighbor is a psychotherapist. He brags he earns 50 British pounds per hour (approx. $120 US dollars an hour) - but his OWN personal life is completely screwed up - he cheats on his wife - he is an indifferent, disengaged father....when his own child is crying in the night - wailing for help - the father refuses to go help his child - the father sits and reads a book - and ignores his crying child - and THIS is a person who charges $120 dollars an hour as a pscychotherapist who tells people how to fix their personal problems? Pathetic.To make matters even worse - the adulterous, cheating husband actually has the nerve to invite his next door mistress over to dinner and have the unsuspecting wife prepare a dinner party for his next door neighbor mistress. Appalling! The husband has no charm, totally self absorbed - it was hard for me to understand what all these women even see in this guy. I have always been an admirer of Rupert Graves acting - he's a terrific actor - totally wasted in a weak script. To sum it up - this film is a snooze-fest - just a British soap opera which was made for British television Channel 4. This film is certainly not the worst movie ever made - just plodding, dull script without character development. Too bad so many excellent actors were wasted on this snooze-fest. I would grade this film with a very weak C minus.

Laurent P (us) wrote: Une modestie dans le format segmente qui autorise une parfaite maitrise des divers recits. Un realisme romantique sans faute de gouts extirpe d??un cinema revolu qui fait naitre le rire et l??emotion. Naif pour ses mechants toujours gentils, sincere dans les choix artistiques authentiques, tendre envers les acteurs qui ne semblent pas etre la par hasard. Au final un film attachant qui aurait peut etre pu viser plus haut en prenant plus de risques.

Khissabel C (de) wrote: i love how the twist of the story goes.. =)

Sydney Amman (ag) wrote: A sweet continuation of the Heidi story.

DenisSteve G (nl) wrote: Un chef d'oeuvre du cinma... Non, srieusement, un film de mon enfance qui devient de plus en plus ridicule (et fun) au fil des annes.

Alex H (ag) wrote: Unbelievably thin and tedious excuse for schlocky shocks.

D G (de) wrote: Very funny film. The American version of course is the 'Chuck and Larry' movie which isn't half as funny.