Nolan Mack is sixty. Married to Joy, a charming and intelligent woman, friend to Winston, a bright literature professor, and well-regarded in the bank where he works, Noland leads a quiet uneventful life. But is he happy, as his superior at the bank once asks him...? One night, as he drives back home, he nearly runs into a gay hooker. Sorry for what might have happened, Nolan starts a conversation with the young man named Leo and ends up in a hotel room. Not for paid sex as Leo expects though. In fact, the polished old man has fallen in love with the raw prostitute. For, having been gay since the age of twelve, Nolan has never been able to express his sexual orientation and Leo happens to crystallize all his feelings and desires. But is a hooker the ideal object of a romantic love? And to what extent will it affect his married life and professional career? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Nick A (gb) wrote: It was a hilarious movie, we laughed from beginning to end! The movie had some messages with respect to our media and politics.

Doctor S (ru) wrote: Fantastic Voyage without the novelty that film provided with a trip inside the human body. Or the special effects, for that matter, even competing against 1966. They bit off way more than their programmers could chew here with simplistic, dull sets and CGI. Obviously a European production as all non-starring roles populated with thick accents - good idea to set it in Berlin. Lance Henriksen does what he can with the script, which does offer its characters some opportunities for development. They sure as hell aren't competing with a barrage of special effects all the time. Robin Givens still lookin' good in 2002, but honey, shitcan the blue eyeshadow! That warpaint is scarier on you than the invading white blood cells.

SamanthaJane S (ru) wrote: Look I only watched it initially because Jon Bon Jovi was it and was really pleasantly suprised, it's a really nice, witty and sweet movie

Anne C (gb) wrote: Loved when I was a kid!!

Raynbow R (nl) wrote: reminds me of someone ;) hahaha if ya know me well then u'll know exactly who it reminds me of too ;)

Stuart h (us) wrote: This is probably one of the only movies I enjoyed as a kid that still enjoy as an adult I enjoy every aspect of this movie from its cheesiness to the fight scenes

Jane A (us) wrote: It's Elvis, therefore it's brilliant!!!

Anil A (br) wrote: A feel good family movie and held the interest of my teen and pre-teen from start to finish. We all enjoyed it!

Jesse F (es) wrote: One of the best stoner comedies ever made, thanks to Ice Cube and the hilarious Chris Tucker.

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