Boulevard Nights

Boulevard Nights

A focus on life in a gang, Boulevard Nights portrays the dangers of street violence. Richard Yniguez plays a young Chicano who tries to get out of the gang, but he keeps finding himself drawn back into it.

Kid brother Chuco (Danny De La Paz) is a sullen low-rider still caught up in the life. Despite their differences, their family bond is strong. But all that is thrown into jeopardy when tragedy strikes and a gang war erupts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen B (us) wrote: this film is slow the characters are good and you want to know what happens but not much happens in the film

Andy G (us) wrote: Jack the Reaper is ok horror movie about kids on bus stuck at a carnival with killer. C+

Wenter S (ru) wrote: Really nice coming of age film, really just a nice movie.

Anisa W (kr) wrote: I gave this film to 4 people that usually share the same taste with me in movie. All 4 of them shared an exact same opinion; this movie had one hell of a beautiful background music and gorgeous animation, but the story was so bad. And they all blamed me because I told them that this movie was a touching love story that made me cry like a baby. I was confused, so I tried to watch it again. And after the second watch, well, I still cried. And so I came to the conclusion that this story is a very typical Japanese love story (which people tend to like less than Korean love story, for example); slow and almost plot-less. No character-death, no forbidden love, no disaster. It's as simple as how to bear with the lonely and continuous feeling of missing someone you love, without any promises and guarantee that the two of you will be together in the end. For most, it's boring. For me, it's the chance to dig deeper to their emotions. The anxious and empty feelings were captured perfectly. That's why I love this movie so much. It's a heartfelt story and it doesn't necessarily try to break your heart. It just does.

Jim F (es) wrote: I've been noticing quite a theme of Robin Williams appearing in creepy thrillers, eg, One hour Photo, and The Final Cut. Here i expected the same distant type of character from Williams, but was surprisingly pleased to see him as a more down to earth person. I like Sober performances from Robin Williams. Due to the theme of this movie, the film documentary 'Catfish' would make the perfect accompaniament.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Wildly fun genre mash up, combining the post apocalyptic film elements with medieval fantasy. While digging up the streets of London, a construction crew unwittingly unearths (ALA "Quatermass and the Pit") a long dormant dragon. The film then picks up years later an most of the earths human population have been killed by a scourge of dragons and have been forced to go into hiding, living off the ruins of the old world (most of the world was destroyed by nuclear bombs in an attempt to kill all the dragons). The film follows one group who have gone into hiding in a medieval castle, led by Christian Bale. The film does a great job of setting up their world, showing how they hide from the dragons, how they get their food, and their primitive living conditions. Their world is then rocked when an American para-military group shows up, led by a swaggering, axe-wielding Matthew McConaughey, who claims his group are dragon hunters. This film has a pretty gonzo set up that could easily have been made into a cheesy (though probably still enjoyable) Charles Band picture, but this film was directed by frequent "X-Files" writer/director Rob Bowman, who brings utter seriousness to the film. Much like the "X-Files," stories with a far fetched premiss can either campy or done with utter seriousness. Camp is a lot easier, but often times films that want to be serious become unintentional camp, but in my option (which isn't shared by everyone) is that this film does manage to pull it off. McConaughey and Bale are both undeniably actors who can pull off serious dramatic roles that there do so very well here (though I'll admit McConaughey does dip into camp at a few points). You also get future serious dude Gerard Butler in a supporting role. For me the is film totally works as an interesting post apocalyptic action fantasy film, but at the same time I can also see that this film coming off as completely ridiculous to audience members whoa re not fans of these types of genre films or not willing to suspend disbelief. The underused Izabella Scorupco also appears in the film.

Kimmy B (jp) wrote: Terrible. Maybe it was better when it was made 17 years ago but I found it unwatchable today.

Alexis A (gb) wrote: i loved the soundtrack, but still doesn't make it a movie worth seeing

Linda Q (au) wrote: this sounds really cool I want to see it!

Sarah F (ca) wrote: i would like to see this

Richard S (au) wrote: A fun movie to watch. Inspiring.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Funny western with an agreeable hero , Brynner , and a nasty villain,Nimoy--Comedic Elements Save "Catlow" From Abject Mediocrity!!

Yinal R (ag) wrote: Definitely worth watching. Action packed movie with thrills every single minute!

Luke S (us) wrote: Ultra cheesy story and politically correct, but overall a god western.