Bouquet final

Bouquet final

Recruté comme directeur commercial Paris d'une entreprise américaine de pompes funèbres, Gabriel part trois mois en stage sur le terrain. Il parvient à dissimuler son nouveau job à ses parents et à son amoureuse, Claire, qui voient en lui un grand musicien, jusqu'au jour où il vend des obsèques à prix d'or à un vieux monsieur qui n'est autre que le grand-père de Claire.

An American funeral director is recruited to a job in Paris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rawson S (us) wrote: I expected this documentary to be fun and somewhat interesting but was surprised at its humor and emotional depth. Dare I say it: Oscar?

Carolina V (au) wrote: I can't believe I didn't know about this movie. Beautifully done but definitely a very sad reality.

Jiana W (br) wrote: It seems to be somewhat of an homage to the classic 1980 teen dramas of yore. There's even a dedication to John Hughes as the credits begin to roll. Unlike those teen dramas of the past, though, Skateland failed-- miserably-- to capture my attention or my affection the way its predecessors did. It's just... boring, headed by a fairly uninteresting young lead who is a dead-ringer for Joaquin Phoenix. With the exception of a couple scenes that snapped me out of my boredom coma, I really couldn't have cared less about the characters or what was going on in the film. In fact, sometimes it was hard for me to figure out exactly what this movie was about as there wasn't a really clear outline or set-up. Ritchie and Michelle's relationship was pretty stale and uninteresting, too. Considering it's called Skateland, there's only about 3 or 4 scenes that take place at this establishment. Every other scene is at some random house party. I didn't like it at all really. Skip it. I'd recommend "Adventureland" instead.

None N (br) wrote: I got this film as a DVD as a Christmas present as I like Northern Soul music. The film is set in 1974 and predominantly set in Stoke, Joe (Martin Compston from The Damned United) is trying to find his place in the scheme of things alongside a dead-end job as a potato delivery man and drinking at his local pub with his best friend, portrayed by Alfie Allen. Frustrated by his life, he is introduced to the Northern Soul music scene and the famous Wigan Casino club by local hairdresser, Jane (Nichola Burley). Swept along with the lifestyle, he meets art student Mandy (Felicity Jones of Cemetery Junction), dabbles in the seedier side of the Northern Soul scene through experimenting with drugs and comes up against the club's resident hardcase, portrayed by Craig Parkinson. The big questions for Joe is will he be consumed by the Northern Soul lifestyle and who will he choose to share his "soul" with... the glamorous Jane or the loyal Mandy? After seeing Cemetery Junction, I must admit that I felt a little short changed by this film and not because of the obvious connection of Felicity Jones in both films. They are thematically similar - young lad wants to escape his boring lifestyle, get the girl and try to stay out of trouble. This film was touted as a film about Northern Soul and featuring the iconic Wigan Casino. To be honest, yes - they do feature, but they simply are the backdrop to, what could be seen as simply a "coming of age" film. The acting is of a good standard, but unfortunately the script is very workmanlike, can at times seem bland and doesn't have the wit of Cemetery Junction. Also, you don't feel that there's any real risk when Joe dabbles in drugs, which later has an impact on another character. It's a harmless enough film, but not one that I'd say rush out to buy or put on your rental list.

Helen B (ru) wrote: Oh this is a heartbreaking film, good performances from the two kids, but the obvious standout here is David Tennant's take on a man with brain damage. The whole movie leaves you sort of sad but happy at the same time which I think shows that it has been successful in a compromise of your emotions.

Thomas T (ru) wrote: Thank you Shrek for becoming a franchise that continues to amuse and impress me by giving me more comedy than any other animated feature would give me, while also throwing in some heartfelt moments in which I actually cared for.

Collin H (kr) wrote: Not too, quirky, dark comedy thriller. Both Kidman and Chaplin give good, convincing performances here...Kidman's Russian role as the more challenging. Not a masterpiece, but certainly enjoyable.

James F (de) wrote: Simply a delightful comedy, with great performances across the board. Stephen Wright, Alan Arkin, Charles Grodin are perfect in the bit parts they play. Beautifully wry, dry humor and enough slapstick to keep the interest without being overdone. Loved it.

Jenna I (de) wrote: Prince is just so goddamn charming. This movie is a great mix of Purple Rain and A Hard Day's Night- full of charm, great music and a great sense of humor. I also loved Prince wearing his influences on his sleeve in this film, from the obvious Hard Days Night references (heck, Victor Spinetti is even IN the movie) to the Casablanca settings, to his amazing Rococo 80s outfits. My only complaint is I wish it had been in color, but only because Prince is so vibrant it feels like you're missing a huge piece of who he is in black and white.

Scott R (nl) wrote: A great revivalist movie showing how salesman prey on the innocent for religious salvation. But it also shows redeeming aspects and love. Lancaster was powerful. Some great gospel music as well. The business aspect of religion was also confronted, and oddly was never really exposed.

Kasey S (jp) wrote: I couldn't wait to see this film with its huge star cast. I should've waited.

Matt C (mx) wrote: Good movie but nothing special get a few laughs out of it

Keith T (ru) wrote: and the saga continues waaa!! hooow!!

Sheena H (kr) wrote: I liked this movie. Everyone else seems to disagree, but I thought it was a good crime thriller. Great actors and I loved the ending and then the surprise twist at the end. I'm glad I decided to watch it even after I read all the bad reviews. But this opinion is coming from a housewife who is at home watching this movie on a Saturday it doesn't take much to excite me or keep me entertained these days...just ask my Good thing film critics are not bored Housewives...cause I'm pretty sure that most of the films would get better reviews. Wow I just went way to deep for my review, and i have typed to much to hit delete now.