Box Office 3D

Box Office 3D

An Italian parody of the biggest U.S. blockbusters such as "Gladiator, " "Harry Potter", "Fast and Furious" and "The Da Vinci Code.

An Italian parody of the biggest U.S. blockbusters such as "Gladiator, " "Harry Potter", "Fast and Furious" and "The Da Vinci Code. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kunal M (us) wrote: An extraordinary documentary about a dark, merciless (and unbelievably recent) chapter of American history. The AIDS crisis left behind a mind-boggling slew of victims, and this timely doco shows how far the LGBT population has come these past 20 years, as well as the heartbreaking sacrifices that brought us here. If you've ever been passionately angry about a political cause, this movie is a must-watch!

Pedro L (es) wrote: In Originalversion mit Reinhold Messner y Joseph Vilsmaier als Sondergste anlsslich des 12. Deutschen Filmfest in Madrid.Gibt's was Besseres???

Jlio S (ag) wrote: I really wanna see this movie!

Keith T (br) wrote: Powerful stuff. The brilliant cast get to show off all their acting skills to the max. Perhaps not the best of films to watch directly after experiencing the effects of infidelity though.


John R (ag) wrote: 130704: Grandma was shook up by this film. She had a hard time watching and I could tell my son, 8 years, was a little spooked. Me, I laughed. This film is so bad it's comical. However, it provided me with 95 minutes of entertainment. It's a rather simple product loaded with poor special effects and equally poor acting. Some pretty funny masks and, likely the reason it entertained me, a western theme. I liked the western town and gunfighters...except their period incorrect revolvers. Still neat though. Located some information on the net for the company that produces these movies and supposedly, they're designed for kids. Yes, generally I'd agree with that except for one scene which involves a knife to the head. That just stuck out as being a bit graphically extreme. See if you can find some way to watch it for free.

Matthew B (es) wrote: This movie is absolutely horrible, but don't let the awful acting and directing deter you, there are definitely some good laughs to be found. It's all worth it for the legendary final fight scene, even though it's obviously inspired by Stallone's Cobra. And is it just me, or does everyone in this town know how to fight?!?!

Corey B (it) wrote: Imagine Rodney Dangerfield in a musical then imagine that movie was animated and he played a dog. As a kid I loved this movie, now the jokes are really crappy, story is just as bad but the animation though is still pretty good for its time. Its purely for kids

Dave C (kr) wrote: And now we have lost Debbie Reynolds,but we still have the greatest musical ever made

David S (jp) wrote: A biopic of the great Muhammad Ali, I feel like this could have been so much better. It was still good, but there is so much potential in any movie that has to deal with one of the most iconic characters in world history. I wished to have seen more about his personal life besides his obsession with women. It focuses a lot on the fights themselves which was great, I just wanted more. It would have been nice to see the after effects after he retired from the disease he suffered from. Ali has since passed on so maybe there is something in the works. Its a solid watch, but I think there is better things coming in the future regarding this cultural icon.

Ky K (ru) wrote: Good film that explores racism, anti-semitism and, most important, friendship; with notable performances in the leading roles.

willy w (ca) wrote: Moral quandary. Is his decision right?Psychological dependencies. and everyone is a little "off" here in an interesting enough way. "he lives inside of his own heart. That's an awful big place to live in."