Boxer from Shantung

Boxer from Shantung

Leaving the poverty of his life in Shantung to seek fortune in Shanghai, The Boxer is instead drawn into a world of corruption, gang warfare and evil... Where his only protection is his famed fighting technique.

Leaving the poverty of his life in Shantung to seek fortune in Shanghai, The Boxer is instead drawn into a world of corruption, gang warfare and evil... Where his only protection is his famed fighting technique. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (jp) wrote: "Shall we play a game?" Rewetting this film now, it's obvious to me now that this is an old school cold war thriller along the lines of "Seven Days in May" or "Fail-Safe" but with a modern high tech twist. And by modern, I mean 1980s high tech, which dial up modems and monochrome computer monitors. The antiquated technololgy is part of this film's charm, but even without that, the film stands on it's own. Matthew Broderick plays a bright underachiever who wants to hack into a computer game maker company to play their new unreleased games, but inadvertently breaks into NORAD Command Center to accidentally put the US on the brink of WWIII when he decides plays Global Thermonuclear War with his girlfriend, Ally Sheedy. One thing that I really like about this film is that it celebrates people who are smart, which is actually kind of a rarity among films starring teenager. How can you not love seeing Broderick do some old school phone hacking with two very antiquated items, a pay phone and a soda can pull-tab. The film is exciting, has a fast pace and an excellent cast, which includes Dabney Coleman, John Wood, James Tolkan, Maury Chaykin & Eddie Deezen ("Remember you told me to tell you when you were acting rudely and insensitively? Remember that? You're doing it right now."), Art LaFleur, Michael Madsen in a bit part and Barry Corbin as the NORAD commander who steals every single scene that he's in. There's a good computery score by Arthur B. Rubinstein, sharp photography by William A. Fraker and memorable sets by Angelo P. Graham, particularly the NORAD command center. Walon Green also reportedly did uncredited script doctoring on this film, though the writers of this film also went on to write the equally classic hacker film, "Sneakers", although that film was also worked on by the very smart Phil Alden Robinson. I consider this film very much a classic among cold war films and computer hacker films. A terrific film all around. Oh, and this film also contains the first cinematic use of the term "firewall."

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JohnnyLee T (nl) wrote: SPOILER ALERTTo make a comedy involving the possible imminent death of one of the cast is not easy but Send Me No Flowers succeeds wonderfully. In no small measure due to its three stars whose obvious rapport comes right through the screen. OK, so Doris' part becomes a bit tedious as she becomes the victim of a misunderstanding (when she sees another woman kissing Rock), but Rock's misunderstanding (after he overhears his doctor on the phone) has led him into a close friendship with neighbour Tony Randall and THAT partnership is the real comedy duo of the film. Doris is almost supplanted by Tony as Rock backs out of his marriage in order to find a new partner for her. And because Tony's wife and child are never seen, the field is left wide open for him to develop his relationship with Rock.I didn't realise Rock was such a giant until you see him beside his male co-star. And he is a delight playing comedy, as he proved in Pillow Talk. There isn't a weak member of this beautiful ensemble, though Clint Walker (who is even bigger than Rock!) doesn't get much of a look-in. It is he this time who does Rock's "trick" from Pillow Talk, unravelling himself as he emerges from a cramped sports car.Perhaps all the loose ends could have been tied up 10 minutes sooner.BTW, is this one of the first American movies to show a married couple sharing the same bed? Even though they are both fully clothed in pyjamas and there is no activity of course going on, I think Hollywood was still at this time showing couples in single beds only.What was more interesting was showing Rock and TONY sharing the same bed! I loved the gay overtones to their relationship, especially as we know Rock was gay in real life.