Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Told in real time and shot as a single take, BOXING DAY documents the minute by minute events across the course of an afternoon in the life of Chris Sykes - a recovering alcoholic and estranged father. Living alone on home detention, Chris is preparing Christmas lunch for his family when an old friend turns up at his doorstep and reveals a disturbing truth. When his daughter, his wife and her new boyfriend finally arrive, the situation slowly and inevitability escalates and we are drawn into the compelling story of a desperate father who finally exposes the dark and disturbing secret that has torn his family apart.

The story of a father's desperate struggle to reunite his estranged family over the course of a single afternoon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James B (ca) wrote: Terrible piece of unoriginal trash.

Robbie N (br) wrote: Nothing compared to the books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is definitely worst than expected. No offense to Zachary Gordon or Robert Capron, but neither can act very well. Some funny scenes here and there, but not a good movie overall, and definitely a disappointment.

Earle B (br) wrote: This Was a Good To Great Movie, Considering The "Crapola" Coming Out of Hollywood

Lester Y (au) wrote: So much for romantic comedies. My standards for documentaries are pretty low, particularly covering stories that write themselves. Fast paced, nice interviews, brilliant perspectives, informative, incendiary, emotional, great story, Michael Douglas. That's just about everything. The epilogue pretty much paves down the plot for Spielberg's Munich, which is a fantastic companion piece for this documentary. Make a double feature out of it!

Grayson D (fr) wrote: Has a very good cast but a poor script and is ultimately a disappointment.

Lou J (es) wrote: Fantastic. Need to watch it again!

Phil H (it) wrote: Sam Hell...Hell comes to Frogtown, nice little play on words there, just like 'Wild Wild West' with James West. This movie came along way after John Carpenter's 'Escape from New York' but the influences are clear. I might also add that this movie probably gave Carpenter a solid reason to cast Piper in the lead of his cult movie 'They Live' which sees him play a similar smartass role.Sam Hell is one of the last males left alive with a high sperm count, yep that's right. In a post-apocalyptic world (cue lots of desert) where most have succumbed to atomic fallout Mr Hell is one of few who can breed, and breed well. So the organisation of warrior-nurses (a government organisation) grab Hell and force him to breed with sexy females in order to boost the human race...yes you are reading this correctly. Problem is the only group of fertile women around have been pinched by the mutants of Frogtown for...reasons. So its up to the one man army Sam Hell to bust into Frogtown and save the sexy females...then slam dunk em all.In all honesty this really does sound like a big pile of low budget, cheap-ass, tacky soft porn poo. The entire notion is like something from the 'Flesh Gordon' franchise for nipples sake...errr I mean Pete's sake. One stud left in a post-apocalyptic world who must boink all the lovely ladies as part of his job...oh geez! The funny thing is the movie is indeed a cheap silly throwaway piece of fluff but its also a semi-worthy trashfest.If you didn't know any better you'd swear this was a John Carpenter flick, but as said that's probably because director Jackson has taken most ideas from 'Escape from New York'. The whole concept of having Hell locked into a government owned steel chastity belt that will explode if he runs off or tries to tamper with it is a blatant ripoff. Sure the idea is childishly amusing and makes for some cringeworthy moments of overacting but its basically a below the belt version (no pun intended) of Snake Plissken's internal explosive device.His mission is all too familiar as well, a high risk rescue from the mutants of Frogtown. He's gotta zip in and out rescuing the damsels without anyone realising what's happened, only then will his groin be released. Luckily he does have two sexy females to accompany him on the mission...if they can stop trying to hump him of course. Strangely enough this isn't really sexy even though it sounds like it, way too many shots of a half naked Piper for my liking.Then of course you have the character of Hell who is pretty much a carbon copy of Mr Plissken. He has the shaggy long hair, the unusual attire which looks like a mish mash of styles, weapons galore and of course a gruff, butch, chauvinistic wisecracking persona. The only difference here is Hell is more of a comedic character for the most part, almost like a parody. Seriously though why does he have those two long bits of red cloth at the front and rear of his jeans?? It looks like a native American influence...but why??!The enemy here are humanoid amphibians, mutants, but I was unsure if they were suppose to be mutated humans or actual mutated amphibians from the atomic fallout. If they were indeed real frogs before the mutation I must ask where on earth all these frogs came from to make up this big population! plus why just amphibians? why nothing else? There also seems to be various types of amphibians too like bullfrogs and a salamander? Most of the main amphibian characters are rubber masks and bodysuits which admittedly worked pretty well, the large rubber masks were accurate looking and appropriately wet n slimy. It all looks a bit basic these days of course, the mouths don't move very well with no lip sync whilst the rubber suits are obvious, but they do the job and at least look like real frogs. Most background characters are simple makeup jobs which stand out a bit but lets not get too picky here (ahem).Most of the movie does look cheap and doesn't really have much going for it. There is a sort of car chase sequence near the end, some sort of fisticuffs between characters which is all too fake looking and a little bit of sexy tomfoolery with boobies. I did like the use of the old abandoned steel mill for Frogtown (I presume it was a steel mill, could be wrong). For the most part its all a bit rubbish though, there isn't any real pending threat to anyone at any point which is the main issue. I always got the impression they could just sit down and have a good natter over everything as the mutants don't seem all that bad.Its easy to see why this has become a cult classic, especially with a title like that. In my opinion its all down to the great performance by Roddy Piper who is a really solid action comedy star and very much underrated if you ask me. This guy has proved himself twice with this movie and 'They Live', he knows how to deliver cornball lines, he's endearing, quirky, amusing, looks good and somehow makes all this shit seem really decent. This whole thing dangles by a thread...If it wasn't for Piper and some good rubber mask work it would be complete pants.

Spookie M (br) wrote: The 3 stars is because I really enjoy 80's sex comedies. That being said this is a ridiculously juvenile movie that basically states that all teenage boys are degenerate bastards and that the girls are totally ok with that. The school in the movie is called T&A Academy and there are characters called Purity Busch and Jerkoffsky. Subtle. Canucksploitation filmmaking at it's finest?

Andr D (jp) wrote: Vicent Price, Peter Lorre y Boris Karloff protagonizan esta mezcla de horror y humor negro en la que un enterrador (Price) y su asistente (Lorre) asesinan a personas para luego cobrar por sus servicios funearios. El gran Jacques Tourneur ("Cat People") dirige y el tambin grande Richard matheson ("I Am Legend") escribe el guin. El gato Rhubarb, quien interpreta a la gata Cleopatra, prcticamente se roba el show.

Cesar N (au) wrote: A lovely comedy filled with delightful dialogues.

Robert B (de) wrote: Ronald Reagan gets repeatedly screwed over by rich people in this movie - which is a strangely fresh premise for a movie that's 66 years old.

Evan C (mx) wrote: Probably Tarantino's most underrated film, Jackson, Grier, and DeNiro give such incredibly unique and unforgettable performances. As with every Tarantino film, the dialogue and climactic scenes are abundant and really fun. Also possibly the least violent, most subtle of Tarantino's films.