A family of four lives off of scams in which they pretend to be injured by automobiles. After suffering an injury during the war, the father believes he is an invalid. He and his wife have a 10-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl. The adults pretend to be injured by autos in crowded traffic, blackmailing the fearful motorists with threats to call in the police.

A young boy reluctantly aids his swindling father in a threatening scam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lenard W (br) wrote: Marriage becomes a geopolitical tool in the newest film from director Amma Asante. When the perspective king of Bechuanaland (modern-day Botswana) studies abroad and falls for a white British lady, it threatens relations between the British Empire and diamond-rich South Africa. It also divides the royal family and its subjects torn between loyalty to the regent and loyalty to his nephew, the rightful heir. The film is elevated by the lead performers. The current president who is the son of the lead characters praised the film himself.

Bailey M (kr) wrote: perfect in every way

Swagat C (de) wrote: Great light movie.. However dont know how it compares the original

Iraja S (mx) wrote: Plan Columbia is a great film exposing the process the United States uses in controlling Latin American countries.

Cameron E (br) wrote: I appreciate the effort of women trying to direct in the horror genre (as they don't typically do), but when it's just bad, it's just bad. And that's what this film is. While ambitious, the stories are so dull and confusing that they end up not even making sense in the end of almost all of them. Lots of plot holes in all stories. I will give credit to the technical aspects of the film, such as cinematography, acting, etc, were all very much on point. But when the story isn't there, the film fails overall.

Lily A (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time!!

bill s (jp) wrote: This shows just how funny Martin and Murphy can be and boy do I miss that.

Stuart M (nl) wrote: I went into this movie hoping for a moronic '90s Scifi with no sense of its own campiness and absurdity. And I suppose that's basically what I got, except that instead of being filled with laughably bad scenes it just sort of plods along without going anywhere. It never really embraces the concept. The only truly hilariously campy scenes were the outdated technological marvel ones where you realise that an iPhone can have more storage capacity than Keanu's brain. A shocking dose of realism that.

lubdan j (kr) wrote: Best Movie I have ever seen

Paul P (us) wrote: One scene has the bible salesman at a Sales Conference. Getting pep talks from superior employees, getting chewed out by the boss and then "Dr. Melbourne I. Feltman" talks about how the salesman should feel proud and privileged to help others out by selling bibles to them. The reaction shots of the men in that meeting are absolute gold. The entire film is sandwiched back to back with scenes of painful tragic comedy. One of the best documentaries i've seen.

Mike W (us) wrote: Jim Carrey is hilariously funny!

Mahesh H (kr) wrote: A funny entertainer which can be thoroughly enjoyed with your family.. Holmes in an entirely different role :)