Boy Friend

Boy Friend

A young lad, separated at a young age from his parents takes on the life of petty crime and ends up in jail. On his release he comes across a friend in a train, and at the friend's request ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Hindi
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A young lad, separated at a young age from his parents takes on the life of petty crime and ends up in jail. On his release he comes across a friend in a train, and at the friend's request ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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karen s (gb) wrote: I wasn't going to review this flick until I read the other reviews and saw the unwarrented hatred being heaped upon it. First of all I will admit that it's not for everyone; if you can't stand low budget, independent flix then you would best be advised to run the other way because this flick is the definition of low budget. If you don't want to see anything that attempts to stray from the beaten path then avoid this at all costs. If you confuse easily scratch it off your list. And lastly, if your zombie flix MUST consist of nothing but wall to wall zombie mayhem, well just forget it 'cause it ain't happening here. On the other hand if you can overlook the usual "flaws" that come with low budgets, if originiality and creativity are your bag, if you don't mind occasional confusion and have no objections to a zombie movie where the zombies are more of a backdrop than the main feature, then EDGES OF DARKNESS may very well entertain you as much as it did me. It's not the best movie I've seen lately but it's a good attempt at blazing a new trail. And, NO, I had nothing to do with making the film and I don't know anyone connected with it either. I just appreciate different approaches to tired genres, and the zombie holocaust is fast becoming a cliche. Recommended to those who like low budget goodness.

Erik O (ru) wrote: It lays on the schmaltz a bit too thickly in parts, but it's funny, and surprisingly heartfelt, and anchored by a great cast of familiar faces. It definitely could've been better, but the final product is still enjoyable.

Bhavna S (it) wrote: main sab janti hu.....

Phani T (jp) wrote: A run of the mill sequel that tries to cash in on the original's story, by using it as a background and nothing much else. The characters and place seem unconnected to the original - and the story lacks the punch of the original - this is like just another zombie movie (pun intended).Ok watch.

Karyn E (jp) wrote: There are no simple answers here, very little resolution to questions raised about the issues of American adoption of Latin American children. That may explain why some people express frustration with the film. Personally I was riveted by Casa de los Babys. Touching and also contains many uncomfortable moments. Clearly, the film is politically astute but remains understated, choosing to focus on the personal stories of its characters.

Steve W (it) wrote: With moody atmosphere, tense music, and fluid animation, Blood the Last Vampire is a bloody and entertaining horror OVA. The voice acting isn't very strong but it manages to create a dark and suspenseful tale at a brisk 48 minutes. It may be long enough for a full movie, but its breakneck pace and animation makes for a quick horror thrill ride.

shane o (fr) wrote: A masterpiece... that's all I have to say! Tarantino's best.

Eric R (nl) wrote: Out of all three films also known as "Demons 3," "Black Demons" is the closest to being "official" as it was the only one to be released in Italy as "Demoni 3." Yes it was actually released as a follow-up to Lamberto Bava's gruesome twosome in its home country of Italy. Ironically though it is also the one that has the LEAST to do with Bava's films. First of all it doesn't even contain demons, just a half-a-dozen zombies. Second it has no cast or crew connections. "The Church" and "The Ogre" at least had cast and crew members that worked previously on Demons 1 and 2 but not here. To top it off this is BY FAR the worst of the "Demons 3" posers which just adds insult to injury.Like I mentioned earlier, our monsters aren't even demons but zombies. These zombies were slaves on a Brazilian plantation (hence the somewhat politically incorrect adjective "Black" used in the English language title) who are unwittingly raised from the dead when a vacationer plays a recording of a voodoo chant that he attended. Now zombies need to spill the blood of 6 white people and our 3 vacations must survive the night before falling prey to the black zombies....errrr.....demons.Black Demons was released in 1990 and this was right at the end of the Italian film market before it collapsed. All Italian films at this time were very lackluster, showcasing extremely low budgets, poor plots, and bad acting. Italian directors who once were great eventually surcame to the failing film industry and genre great Umberto Lenzi was no different as Black Demons is a far cry from even his trashy early 80's bloodfests like Cannibal Ferox and Nightmare City. All the amazing stylistic shots from his 70's crime films and even the trashy entertainment value of his early 80's efforts are missing and all that's left is a left is a desiccated husk.The acting is dreadful and the plot is painfully simple and dull. Umberto tries to liven up the film with some gory killings but even they seem like bad carbon copies of earlier Italian classics. The film is just basically a Night of the Living Dead clone with a Brazilian setting but the film lacks sole, making it nothing more than a time waster.Fans of Italian horror films will no doubt want to check it out but this one is only for Italian horror die-hards. It's mindless, dull and just plain forgettable. People expecting another gory trash classic from Umberto Lenzi and going to come out extremely disappointed.... not to mention people expecting this to be a true sequel to Lamberto Bava's insanely entertaining Demons duology.

Ru H (ru) wrote: A true masterpiece - an exploration of Azeri culture, national costumes, music, etc. Sergei Parajanov was called "enemy of the Armenian state" after directing this movie about Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan and Armenia were and still are involved in a territorial dispute, which resulted in tragic losses for both sides - bloodshed, refugees, etc.).Parajanov proved to be a true artist and finished the movie despite pressure from his government. Brilliant film - thumbs WAY UP. I would say one of the top 5 films in the history of cinematography and film.

Jedidiah C (nl) wrote: I saw this quite a long time ago with my sister and my dad. I need to see it again. As I recall this shit was NUTS.

stefano l (br) wrote: No wondering why it has been censored in Italy for 28 years, because it would have made all the italian ashamed of being italian for what happened, as it made me yesterday night. Speaking of the film and not of its history, Anthony Quinn has been superb. He gave to his character the exactly charisma and power that an historical figure like Omar Mukhtar would and should have. Only a poin: I think it's too long, and I watched the short version (of "only" 173 mins).

Julien E (ag) wrote: Un peu long. Ce n'est dfinitivement pas le meilleur film du duo Scorsese/De Niro. Par contre, New York, New York reste charmant et agrable.

Abc D (br) wrote: A wonderful, powerful film.

Rod G (br) wrote: "Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman" no alcanza el nivel de calidad de animacin y trama de sus predecesoras pero al menos entretiene de buena gana y tambin satisface.

Cameron TempestHay T (nl) wrote: Total bore-fest. It's the only film i've ever seen in my life where i contemplated walking out of the cinema. Very little action, almost no music to accompany what little action there is, so many un-answered questions, and multiple plot-points that went nowhere. It felt like an eternity. I know it's a long movie, but it felt like 6 hours of my life had gone by, and i was gradually getting stupider with every passing minute. How the hell it got a sequel i'll never know.

John B (nl) wrote: Enjoyable animated Disney classic that can be shared with generations of families and watched over & over.

Cliff A (es) wrote: Saw it on PBS. Very good. Recommend it.

clinton e (au) wrote: I loved the minions in the first 2 Despicable Me movies, and i was beyond excited when i heard they were getting a movie. But about 15 minutes in, i realized that they were better off as side characters. They were super annoying. Aside from annoying me, the movie was also uncomfortably dark. Don't get me wrong, i love when family movies have more adult/darker humor, but to me it wasn't funny. It was just really strange to me. Overall, this movie really went below my expectations.

Abhishek S (au) wrote: Enjoyable and pleasant TV movie.