Boy Interrupted

Boy Interrupted

On the night of Oct. 2, 2005, Hart and Dana Perry’s 15-year-old son Evan jumped to his death from his New York City bedroom window. This moving film is the story, told by his filmmaker parents and others who knew him, of Evan’s life and death, and his life-long struggle with bipolar disorder. It delves into the complexity of Evan’s disease, sharing his family’s journey through the maze of mental illness. In showing how one family deals with generations of loss and grief, the film defies the stigma related to mental illness and suicide and tells a human story that touches everyone.

Boy Interrupted looks at the life of Evan Perry a 15-year-old boy from New York who committed suicide in 2005. The film made by his parents Dana and Hart examines how Evan's bipolar ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert S (nl) wrote: A movie about love, can it survive? After a plague hits, we're all tested & love is put to the test as well, I love the cast the directors is solid. A good movie.

Max G (ca) wrote: This movie actually screwed up my mental state. It is the most unsettling movie I have seen for a very long time. The excellent direction increased the tension by 100 times. I know why the user ratings are so low and it makes me sick how people would dislike an extremely scary movie because they measure how scary a horror movie is by how many times something jumps out and makes a loud noise. This is exactly why a truly terrifying horror film is hard to come by these days.

Victor C (nl) wrote: One of the best anime series I've ever seen. Artful western-style storytelling and humanistic themes, blended with a touching story and a perfectly arranged soundtrack make this one of my all-time favorites. There are no big fight scenes or grandiose enemies. There's just a bunch of high school students going through normal lives. If that's not your cup of tea then this may not be an anime for you, but if you can get down with an emotional tearjerker every now and again, then you won't disappointed by this one. I can definitely say that this one, and especially "After Story," hold the record for making me cry the most in a single (both happy and sad tears). In fact, I think this one may have made me cry more than every other anime I've ever seen put together. And trust me, I've seen a lot. It's also one of the few that I've watched more than once and continued to watch over-and-over again. When it was finally taken down off of Netflix, I actually had to break down and buy it. It is a phenomenally well done Anime.P.S. - Sorry for this being kinda unorganized and scattered. I just decided that I couldn't wait to review it any longer (not even long enough to actually prepare my own thoughts).

Tess M (de) wrote: i did not like this one, don't know why,

Pam R (au) wrote: I love this movie! The full cast did an amazing job.

Reko U (nl) wrote: Very odd and fascinating documentary and my first regarding Seidl. I'm not sure if I really like his style, but at least there were plenty of laughs here. Some of the people were so utterly bizarre, it's unbelievable.

Will V (ag) wrote: This was far more than just a hiighly amusing horror/comedy/slasher film. Some excellent performances here (Isaac Hayes being one of them). Also some very intelligent discourse on the nature of good and evil in war. Great film.

Clark B (ag) wrote: I've never seen "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" so this is the weakest pairing of Hepburn and Tracy to me. The real problem isn't the performances, it's the tepid script. A comedy like this, stagebound with a glorified sitcom plot, depends greatly on sharp wit and there just aren't very many funny lines in it. The only one I remember is Joan Blondell quipping that Tracy's character looked like one of those guys who suddenly switched to vodka. I smiled at that - that Joan Blondell is one funny broad - but I'm not sure I even "get it". Is it because you can't smell vodka? Is this one of those uproarious '50s alcoholism jokes? What in the hell could that mean? Hmm. Anyway, IBM is credited as a consultant in the opening credits but the ideas here of computer technology are ludicrous even for a '50s comedy. It's comforting to see tech sector hype alive and well even then. Hepburn and Tracy ping-pong off each other as well as ever, and in their scenes together it sure feels like there's something funny being said, but in reality there usually isn't. Great chemistry, weak script.

Kristina M (jp) wrote: A Hauntingly beautiful allegory of women's fate.Symbolism and pure, stylish photography offer an interesting and unique vision of intimate life stories amidst a more historical background.Slow, contemplative film, though, so only for hardcore cinephiles or those interested in Iranian American Shirin Neshat's personal artwork/artworld.

Les E (ru) wrote: Tracy was superb as the real life father who saved boys from a life on the streets. Rooney also did a good job but his character was a bit of a melodramatic caricature.

Tanner B (br) wrote: Platoon (1986) C-120m. ??? 1/2 D: Oliver Stone. Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Keith David, Forest Whitaker, Johnny Depp.Stone won well-deserved Oscar for his unconventional Vietnam war study, which is a triumph of capturing soldiers reactions under fire and showing the ultimate Hell on earth. Based on director Stone's actual experiences during the front lines, this gives the viewer an unforgettable insight on the horrifying bloodshed known as the battlefield. Film's harrowing war sequences are a hammer blow to the head; a must-see. Only flaw: the main character-played by Sheen-has motives which are hard to relate to, leaving this otherwise excellent film in a certain degree of aloofness. Outstanding Cinematography by Robert Richardson, and Music by Georges Delerue. Also won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Editing, and Sound.

Silvia F (fr) wrote: Blue Sky's Rio may be cliche-infested but it saves itself with dazzling animation and fantastic music numbers.

Matt C (br) wrote: Just fits perfectly with the Christmas spirit, probably one of my favorite Christmas films

horse c (us) wrote: Another pointless moive! HELP!

Lara B (us) wrote: BEST MOVIE EVER !!!!!!!!!!! ryan <3