Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

A woman picks a man up in a bar and takes him back to her place. He thinks he is going to get laid, she has over plans. She proceeds to drug him and incarcerate him in a chair in her basement before torturing him, physically and phycologically. It starts as an S&M excercise and goes to somewhere much much darker.

A man meets a woman in a bar, the two go back to her flat and begin watching porno films. The man passes out and wakes to find himself strapped to a dentist chair. The woman, along with her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben B (kr) wrote: Seven Psychopaths is a dark comedy starring Colin Farrell as Marty, an alcoholic screenwriter trying to work on his latest idea for a film (Seven Psychopaths) while dealing with a struggling relationship and issues with his friend Billy (played by Sam Rockwell).As soon as this movie begins, we get a taste of McDonagh's witty dialogue and comically dark tone. Two mobsters are debating the plausibility of shooting somebody in the eyeball when the Jack O' Diamonds killer (one of the psychopaths) comes up behind them and shoots both in the head. It had a very Quentin Tarantino feel to it, and the tone stayed fairly consistent in this sense. The movie lost a little bit of steam towards the end of the middle act-beginning of the final act, but I was engaged overall with this movie.This movie has some really great performances. Sam Rockwell was definitely my favorite part of the movie, and Christopher Walken delivered a very subtle yet memorable character as Rockwell's partner-in-crime with a troubled past. At first, I was really annoyed by Farrell's character, but, as we got to see more of him, he really grew on me. The one character that really didn't work was Woody Harrelson as the antagonist. Due to "creative differences" Mickey Rourke, who was originally cast to play the role, dropped out, so Harrelson had to really jump in and deliver. Unfortunately, you can tell that he came in to this movie late; his performance felt very unnatural.Overall, Seven Psychopaths is a great bit of fun. At a run-time of under two hours, it's definitely a movie worth watching with a group of friends on movie night. The thematic elements subtly come through to deliver a good message behind the bloody fun. Go check this one out - you won't be disappointed!

Jeff S (ru) wrote: Mindless action, no real acting, generic storylines

Sgt C (ru) wrote: (19%)A British comedy littered with famous TV faces (or at least to those who live in the UK anyway) that does at least try and bring the divisions in religion a little closer together, but sadly when it comes to being funny this is lacking by quite a big margin. Omid Djalili is a likeable, funny guy who tries his best with his oddball, at times highly obnoxious character, while the premise was there for this to be at least a decent watch with plenty of bite. So it's sad that the script is ponderous, a little lazy, and really lacking in the laughs department. I counted two maybe three minor sniggers in the whole film which isn't enough by any stretch. There are some decent bits in among the drab, messy script, but not enough to make this a recommendation.

Scott S (us) wrote: Very good movie it was well acted out and amazing well put together storyline.

Chris T (ag) wrote: One of my favourites.

Julio S (ag) wrote: Wow I liked it....better than the first one.

Albie D (kr) wrote: Gotta see this one at least once a year! It's a tradition.

Gimeleen d (it) wrote: very nice story and it is not easy just renting kids to complete the emptiness of the family but instead accept them and treat them as part of your life.

Jessica J (us) wrote: I haven;t seen this is years but what I remember of it I liked

bill s (jp) wrote: Too foolish to be taken seriously as it so wanted us too.

John Joseph M (au) wrote: The end battle between the giant man eating octopus and the two killer whales is clearly done with two black and white glove puppets and a baby octopus which appears to have been horribly ripped apart, up until then I enjoyed this hilariously bad jaws rip off.

Grant S (it) wrote: Pretty feeble attempt. Is a made-for-TV movie, and definitely feels like it.

(ca) wrote: With today's standards, acting and directing may be cheesy, but I loved the sleek designs of the future and the bold ideology. These days, it seems that a movie is allowed to be political only to the point of bringing a matter to public attention. But the creator's ideas about their solution are considered propaganda and, therefore, not welcome. Furthermore, I happen to agree with this film's particular views. Thank you, Mr. Wells.

Doctor T (ca) wrote: What makes the sequel so intriguing to watch, is the entire unfolding of the Earth's past. The mystery behind the mutants and the Earth's past pushes the audience to continue watching the film. It's intriguing, this hellish post apocalyptic world that the humans live in. Despite all this, a somewhat bleak plot line and a terrible ending holds back this sequel from stardom.

Rated N (jp) wrote: Die Antwoord's best music video.

Alex K (it) wrote: I Like Nicolas Cage.

Cecily B (ag) wrote: Not all.. right from the beginning and the square baby stomach. I was confused and bored and didn't pay enough attention. Sounds like a recipie for a disaster movie to me.