Boy Missing

Boy Missing

A ten-year-old boy disappears from a dinner in a little fishing village, while another vanishes from a refugee camp on the island. These are but the first in series of frightening events to...

A ten-year-old boy disappears from a dinner in a little fishing village, while another vanishes from a refugee camp on the island. These are but the first in series of frightening events to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy W (es) wrote: Horrible and I couldn't quit watching it.

Wesley W (jp) wrote: A pathetic excuse for a movie. It is filled with romance cliches, crap dialogue, and awful acting from most of the cast. This movie is clearly made for little little girls and adults and guys would not likely enjoy it. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen don't know how to put on good performances at all and they just stared in this to just have fun. I do not think the movie is completely terrible because I thought that Matt Winston was actually trying in the acting department and he at least puts on a solid performance unlike the rest of the cast.

Tre Bluey O (es) wrote: Just saw this again....excellent movie.

Brad S (de) wrote: Saw this as a kid, but didn't really remember it. The movie isn't too bad, but has a made-for-tv feel about it. Lukas Haas is good in it, and I like ghost stories so it gets a pass. For kids of the 80's or ghost movie fans only.

Martin S (us) wrote: Funny to see the clash between Swedish and American story telling. Anyway, metaphorically stimulating but didn't hold up fully. On the whole, the film is very interesting to watch for reasons like the innovative special effects. Christopher Lee as the incarnation of ultimate evil Kato was great to experience.''Mio? My name is Bosse.''

Kat S (fr) wrote: oh my goodness, its so 80s.

Muhammad K (it) wrote: Great Acting by Al Pacino in this one , If anyone loves courtroom drama they better check this one quick .

Hannah D (jp) wrote: This is the first comedy I've seen from Hitchcock, and it's a joy to watch. I love the backdrop of autumn colours in the village where the story is set. It amuses me how everybody is so nonchalant about the dead man!

Jorge C (it) wrote: An odd Epic Biopic this one is. Some of the more common aspects of the "Epic", like battle scenes, are quite poorly done or paid little attentions too. The emphasis here is on treachery, control, spying, dictatorship. This so-called "Epic" is more a social commentary on Stalin ruled Russia than anything else, but the message is not overt, but quite very discreet; Stalin at first believed Eisenstein was making a pro-Stalin film... yeah, not really. Also, the mise-en-scenes are bloody breathtaking, the sets filled, head-to-toe with underlying detail.

J A (it) wrote: Het betere baardwerk.

Brendan A (it) wrote: I was expecting a different movie out of this. I expected a zombie horror, with The Walking Dead action, not with very few or no infected. Nothing seemed like it was abandoned. The beginning was meh, it was a reenactment of The Walking Dead opening scene, although this was made in 2003. I only jumped once, which was unexpected for a movie like this. Other than that, the dialog and plot line sucked. The ending left us hanging about questions that may be never answered.

Alice L (fr) wrote: hi, i have DID. i just wanna say that this entire movie is bullshit and that's not how integration works at all. also stop typing us as being serial killers, thanks.

Brian F (de) wrote: Resident Evil: Afterlife is an action-packed thrill ride in 3D. Taking place after Resident Evil: Extinction, it picks up where that movie left off. Alice takes the fight to Umbrella and goes after Albert Wesker, the chairman and CEO of Umbrella. Wesker actually looks and acts like Wesker this time. He has his slicked back blonde hair, sun glasses, trench coat, and superhuman powers. He is played by Shawn Roberts this time, instead of Jason O Mara, who played him in the last movie. Shawn really does well in the role, and captures Wesker from the games. Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, Ali Larter returns as Claire Redfield, Spencer Locke returns as K-Mart, and Sienna Gulliory finally makes her long-awaited return as Jill Valentine. This movie only introduces 1 new character from the game, Chris Redfield, played by Wentworth Miller. You might know him from the series Prison Break. I honestly think they could have cast someone better, but Wentworth does a decent job with the role. The only new enemy the movie introduces, is The Executioner from the newest game Resident Evil 5. The previous zombies and zombie dobermans make a return, but are more "advanced" in this film. This movie mainly takes elements from the most recent game Resident Evil 5 and also Code Veronica. It was nice to see Paul W.S. Anderson return to the series as director, as I thought the first Resident Evil film was the best one. This movie would have to be tied with Apocalypse as my second favorite Resident Evil movie. I enjoyed it much better than the last movie Extinction. I also liked how Alice was stripped of her powers and finally became a normal human again. I thought if she had retained her powers, Wesker, and the undead creatures would have been no match for her. Out of all 4 movies, Afterlife has the most over-the-top action. The action scenes and special effects are great, and the 3D is amazing. It was the same Real D technology used in My Bloody Valentine 3D. The 3D alone makes this movie worth checking out. If you are not a huge Resident Evil fan, and or haven't been following the movie series, you may find this movie to be confusing and unenjoyable. However, if you are a hardcore fan of the games and have been watching all the movies, you should be satisfied with this one.

Bobby N (au) wrote: Nope. Not my type. Next