Love never sounded so good, until Corey must decide between two love interests and whether he wants to give up the joys of the single life.

Love never sounded so good, until Corey must decide between two love interests and whether he wants to give up the joys of the single life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (fr) wrote: An entertaining, gory, and hilarious piece of 80s horror, Slugs is crap from beginning to end, but its decent special effects and its plot help make it a horror film worthy of watching for fans of 80s horror cinema. Undoubtedly, one of the lamer animals-attack films--slugs are not really that scary--Slugs manages to create humor as well as revulsion from the slugs and hence succeeds in becoming a minor b-movie masterpiece.

Sarah H (jp) wrote: Nothing extraordinary, but if you want to watch a romantic comedy it will do the trick.

Wes T (es) wrote: While this low budget film could use more originality, Frankie Go Boom is still good for a laugh.

Lolo V (br) wrote: Good comedy good animation and also better story than the first

Reece L (de) wrote: The Italy of Gomorrah barely resembles the Italy of Antonioni and Rossellini, a eurotrash cesspit defined by brutal violence, crushing poverty, and rampant gang activity. It intentionally deglamorizes the myth of the Italian gangster, exposing it as a lechorous and destructive presence among its own community, reducing the families it claims to protect to desperate, impoverished shells living out of bombed apartment complexes, all the while fueling commercial networks that produce massive amounts of toxic waste that poison the environment that they live in. The distinction between the myth and the reality is important, actively objecting to the pervasive iconography associated with the mafia, sublimating its deconstruction with track suits, techno music, and overly-manicured eyebrows as a rebuttal to the type of heroic, "fun" stereotypes prevalent in films purporting to cover the same ground as Gomorrah. It's not a fun film, but it's not meant to be, and its existence is warranted given how popular the imagery its decries as false are in the media.

Ben G (fr) wrote: Ooo this movie is a bit of a stinker.. undercooked... Val Kilmer, as a man with a mysterious past is more akin to The Big Lebowski's "the dude' than the Bourne series' Jason Bourne in this film. He blearily stumbles his way through the part (not entirely unfitting for an amnesiac character i suppose). Neve Campbell demonstrate that she actually is the limited actress we feared she was following her boom in the 90s and Amy Smart well she's skinny enough to be the love interest i guess. What a turd. Not even so bad it's good (though Neve's haircut comes close).

Nan L (ca) wrote: Tully Jr.'s discoveries at the end of this quietly emotional film are profoundly sad but make for a satisfying finale. Instead of things being wrapped-up before the credits, possibilities are left as wide open as the Nebraska farm setting.

Steve G (br) wrote: Hasard is right. Gluttony of randomness. I was expecting this to be so much better. The Marie character was utterly pathetic & remote. There was nothing to identify with. The main villain was completely hideous. Was there any reason that nobody ever contested anything that freshy-faced douchebag ever did? And the narrative with the drunk just wasn't that interesting. I understand the symbolic worth of what Bresson was trying to say, but it just failed to move me as much as some of his other films. A lot of films that have pretensions of depth follow this kind of routine. Most of the characters made me ill, other than the donkey. Very little of me enjoyed it.

Kerby H (us) wrote: How the Coens can make such brilliant films and then follow them up with something as bad as this is beyond me. No part of this was entertaining, the performances were wooden, and it's overall just a mess of a movie.

Robert M (mx) wrote: A somewhat interesting, intense sci-fi movie that??s quite out of this world. Vin Diesel was fairly decent in this one, as he played a vicious psycho-path who has the power to see through darkness. Overall, this was an okay movie with some decent scenery, visuals, and killer aliens who??s only fear is bright light. As darkness closes in on this mysterious planet after many years, survivors must push their way through out in the alien abyss in order to escape carrying with them their most critical and only weapon: lightness.

Matthew B (us) wrote: A group of wanna-be filmmakers and actors concocts a scheme to make a movie with a major star without having to pay him in this comedy. Bobby Bow finger (Steve Martin) has struggled for years to make it in Hollywood with no real success; he's convinced that he has to make his big break soon or it will be too late. This movie was a bit like that movie ED wood if the movie that the main character was making was good, This movie has it's funny moments with Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin.

Megan M (kr) wrote: This was an amazing movie and i love watching it many times :3 so much great music in it and for an older film it is amazing.

Denise C (kr) wrote: I have seen this movie,I remember it quite well, I watched it several years ago it just popped on tv on night. I adored this movie but think I'd like to watch it again, its hilarious when she meets that Brazillian on the aeroplane.

Maryke V (ca) wrote: Hahahaha I actually enjoyed it! For an obvious teen killing spree movie:) I do think the actual ghost theme was lame - they should have just let the grounds keeper be the killer much more real:)

Joseph D (ca) wrote: over all very good film.

Jon H (mx) wrote: Great movie for those that like classic humor.

Alex S (us) wrote: Overwhelmingly and unabashedly pretentious, 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her may be a disappointment but there's enough skillful direction and beautiful imagery to satisfy Godard's fans.

Robert P (de) wrote: Intricate and atmospheric encapsulation of the underworld. A truely chilling but well rounded protagonist in the form of "dangerous criminal" Gu makes this an enthralling and rewarding watch. Great at capturing the anxiety associated with both a life of crime and its flip side, the life of those tasked with chasing the criminals

Tim S (es) wrote: The Slime People is one of the most boring movies I think I've ever seen. I know I've fallen asleep on lots of movies of its ilk, but none bored me more than this one. I kept reaching for the remote control to pause it and get up and do other things, and I rarely do that when I'm watching something. I can't really find anything positive to say about it, other than that it was featured on an episode from the first season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Even they seemed to be bored with it, and complained quite a bit at the end of the episode for having to watch it. I also have it on a double feature DVD along with Creature, so I may give that one a spin sometime. And I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be better by comparison.

Thomas P (jp) wrote: I don't understand why Disney is hiding this remarkable piece of film history. The animation is great and it has a good story.