Boyevoy kinosbornik 4

Boyevoy kinosbornik 4


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1941
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:anthology,  

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Boyevoy kinosbornik 4 torrent reviews

Candy R (au) wrote: Really cute movie. Of course I am a huge stewart townsend fan.

Roy C (br) wrote: An expert blend of vivid colours and uncommon poses in animation.

Brett C (ru) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Quadrophenia is a story of a young lad named Jimmy. He belongs in a group called Mods, who are dressed in an urban classy style, uses a scooter for transport and adores the sounds of new era Rock. The Mods are rivals with a group similar to them called Rockers, who dress up similarly to the greasers in the 1950s; greasy hair, black leather jackets, loves the tunes of classic Rock n Roll and rides motorbikes. It is essentially giving us a picture of a boy's life in Britain during the two rival cultures was at their peak.The first thing I noticed when watching this film was how similar the characters feel to Francis Ford Coppola's film The Outsiders. It takes the same two groups from the American film and places them on a different environment, or should I say it the other way around as this film was released earlier. The film may seem biased at first, only giving the audience glimpse of a Mod's life rather than both, but I don't think it actually matters, as have the character be in either one, it would still be the same story. Franc Roddam, the director, and the writers have essentially given us a story about youth. It shows us the commitment a young man or woman would go to in order to be accepted and be regarded as different from the rest of society. The irony the film delivers is that most of them are actually not that unique, everyone in their group listens to the same type of music and dresses the same way, and just because they present themselves like this, they think they are ahead and that everyone else is behind. I do understand the importance of being a unique individual but it is only truly positive when the intentions are genuine; they force themselves to follow these trends in order to be accepted. Why can't they ever be content with themselves and create a path of their own, rather than relying on others to define yourself. The sadder part about watching this film is how true to reality this film actually is, any youth who has grown up in the urban side of a first world country could relate to the themes and messages that this film is attempting to convey. I myself has succumbed to the pressures of youth and blindly followed the "trends" that were cherished during my days in high school as I personally felt those problems were important and if I don't succeed in meeting those needs then my life would feel unfulfilled; my life isn't following the exact same footsteps as Jimmy did in this film but it is definitely on the same footpath.The film's plot was the main reason I couldn't entirely appreciate this film. It moves along places that didn't feel at all different from the other films that touch on the same issues. How many times have we seen young people in films be violent, do drugs, and find a partner to fornicate with?, if one's going to touch on those areas then ensure that what you are showing us is something that is different from the rest. The only event in the film that truly stood out for me was the confrontation in Brighton and the film's final moments, which was homage of a film that I don't want to say as it would possibly spoil it for whoever reads it.I am not the biggest fan of The Who, but I do listen to a couple of their music (especially the album Who's Next), therefore I never reached to a point of high excitement when hearing their tracks come on. Even saying this, I was satisfied with their usage in the film, capturing that edge that parallels with the personalities of youth. The final few minutes of the film was wonderfully assembled, music-wise, having tracks play almost continuously until the end of the credits, giving us that dramatic quality that was definitely missing from the rest of the film.The acting in this film was decent, though I didn't really expect much anyways as the cast didn't feature actors that I have seen in other films anyways. I did appreciate the raw quality in the actors in this film; it helped me understand the personalities and details of adolescence during that period. The film was mostly carried by Phil Daniels and I was content with what he has delivered; he didn't show anything brilliant or astounding to his performance but it was enough to hold my interest, which is essential in a film of this nature.I was impressed with Quadrophenia, though not as much as I would have hoped. It delivers empathetic issues and a story that would most likely satisfy those who have not seen many films similar to this.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (br) wrote: Sucky...not worth seeing..see it if you want to torment yourself

Maureen I (gb) wrote: Love the reveals, twists and turns that keep you on your seat wondering who can really be trusted.