Boyfriend Killer

Boyfriend Killer

A Grieving mother suspects that her son's ex-girlfriend may have been involved in his death.

When Preston (22) dies in a car crash| his mother Sandra (40)| goes through his social media accounts hoping to salvage any photos of him and let his friends know of
his death. She discovers communication between Preston and his vindictive girlfriend Krystal (24) in which she tried to get Preston to kill her ex. When Krystal's ex
is found dead a few days later| Sandra is certain that Krystal killed him| orchestrated Preston's 'accident' as well| and must prove it before Krystal murders her
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Maggie C (es) wrote: An important step for religion in film. It definitely makes specific moves Christian filmmakers have been needing to make. Some unnecessary budget stretches (the billboard scene and animated rabbit), that cheapened the film and took me out of it--there are smarter ways to do low budget. Excited to see how this influences future spiritual films, though.

Marc L (es) wrote: Le procd est bien connu, on le rcompense mme chaque anne au festival de Sundance : des ados tte--claques se foutent la tte l'envers, se disputent au sujet de leurs femelles et puis, pan, l'un d'eux refroidit btement son contradicteur. Le coupable se demande donc s'ils doit dire la vrit au risque d'hypothquer son avenir, ou se dbarrasser du cadavre discrtos. Du dj-vu en somme, sauf qu'ici, tout se droule "On the ice", dans l'extrme nord de l'Alaska, chez les que l'avenir, entre chasse au phoque, alcoolisme et nuit polaire, n'a pas tout fait la mme signification qu'ailleurs. "On the ice" n'a pourtant aucune vocation documentaire, mme si le ralisateur, lui-mme d'origine inuit, prend le temps de faire dcouvrir le quotidien de ce peuple du bout du monde. L'enqute de la communaut pour dcouvrir le fin mot de l'histoire se laisse suivre avec intrt et les enjeux moraux du crime sont d'une universalit parfaitement retranscrite. Si on y ajoute ces paysages austres mais splendides et un contexte gographique et culturel droutant, "On the ice" dispose des qualits ncessaires pour susciter un peu plus de curiosit et d'intrt que la moyenne, mme si ses mcanismes ne s'loignent jamais des codes inhrents au genre.

Tadd R (au) wrote: Not a bad doc - hopefully as the technology gets cheaper we'll see more and more no-gas cars on the road.

Rodney S (es) wrote: Another solid Ozzie film, lot's of relatable humour and equally relatable drama. Great performances and script.

bill b (us) wrote: Have you seen the fantastic French film "SERIAL LOVER"?When i found out that the director made the film HELLPHONE i immediately tried to watch it. And i did.Well... It is not so good as serial lover but its obvious the directors signature, fast editing , weird situations black humor. It is an enjoyable film about a mobile that came from ...Hell (i think it was a Chinese phone!) Nothing amazing but amusing,PLUS: Editing, directingMINUS: Story, forgettable film, overacting

Mai K (us) wrote: This movie is not just a movie, but still a great movie.

Chris A (ag) wrote: Haile Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari The Liberating Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah The Lord Of Lords The King Of Kings The Ruler Of The World The Alpha And The Omega The Beginning Without An End!!! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN RASTAAAAA! TCHA!

Jose P (mx) wrote: Part documentary about orgasmic energies, part comedic dialogue on the failure of the Yugoslavian communist party to accept free love, and part porno with questionable choices for stars, this is one hell of an off beat movie. With a great soundtrack and genius use of editing, it combines all sorts of themes together, forming a sort of collage of ideas that all explode in much the same way as its subject matter. If you don't mind seeing people doing it right there on the screen, then this is really one to look for.

Aj V (jp) wrote: This movie has a good cast but a lousy script. It starts out interesting, but then turns into another body snatcher horror movie.

Tero H (es) wrote: Fun, real-life depiction of the country music legend Loretta Lynn. Her childhood marriage at the age of 13 and her subsequent fame after having a guitar for birthday present are all shown in simple, honest tunes. The unlikely-seeming match between Loretta and her husband suprise and make you smile. Acting, drama, humor are all suberb. The best biography I've seen.

HungYa L (nl) wrote: Absolutely better than I had expected!! it is rather good!

Kelly S (es) wrote: Thought it could be meatier and more focused, this is a wonderful documentary about the importance of the National Film Registry. Definitely check it out if you are a film fan, and a fan of documentaries about film.