Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Middle-class Parisian suburbs: Blanche and Lea, office worker and student, meet and become friends. Lea is going out with Fabien, but is thinking of leaving him. Blanche falls for Lea's handsome and witty friend Alexandre, but is tongue-tied whenever she meets him. Lea goes on holiday and Blanche, still smitten with the dashing Alexandre, begins to get to get know Fabien. A classic Rohmer moral tale.

In Paris outskirts Blanche, a young clerk, befriends Lea, a girl livelier than she is. Lea is going steady with Fabien who is a friend to Alexandre who is going steady with Adrienne but is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave N (it) wrote: so many thing are wrong with the movie. Aaron Paul's acting is weird, he just looks like he is having a breakdown. the air suport and the crew are just not convincing. the over the top driving and law breaking when there is no reason to do so. reaching impossible speeds for the roads they are on, and the girl just doesnt know what she is talking about. and last michael keatons character.

Simon M (kr) wrote: Starts off well, but it slows down and gets bogged down in the mundane before drawing to an unsatisfying stop.

Elena S (ca) wrote: pretty bad movie but sexy performance ,

emily h (fr) wrote: love the liine about lightbulbs :P very corny christmas movie, christina is soooo pretty!

Wan N (us) wrote: ............arghh! stop it! i'm really confused......

Michael L (nl) wrote: better then the others

Farah R (de) wrote: Despite its dynamic cast of A-list actors, Be Cool is nowhere near cool. It's boring and hardly watchable.

Mitch F (br) wrote: Good premise and I do like the film, but I can't help but feel there is something missing. This film should be viewed more as an art film though, for anyone wanting to watch it, as I feel this might be the reason the audience feels cheated, as they thought they were going to be seeing something else.

Abby K (br) wrote: DUDE! i freaking love this series

Brandon W (mx) wrote: After recently watching The Mighty Ducks, I decided to re-watch another sports film from my childhood. Being Canadian, I obviously watched hockey, but my sport that I played growing up was soccer. People still tell me that I should have still been playing. While I do miss it, I am still able to watch Germany play in the World Cup and can bring another level of interest to a film about soccer, like Bend It Like Beckham. What I like about this sports story is that it doesn't follow the old cliche about the team that sucks and through teamwork and compassion, they win the championship, this film is all about family and culture. Is it more important to keep your elders happy by following tradition and cultural rituals and lifestyles? Or do you break away from that to have what you want? Now, I'm not Indian so I can't say that I have lived in the same scenario, but this film does a great job with the relationship between Jes and her parents. It is acted so well and... it's hard to describe but you really feel that there are different layers of trust between the three of them. The mother and the father have a certain understanding with each other but the parents both have their reasons for protecting Jes. It's hard to explain but you understand where the parents are coming from. They are not simply written as evil parents who don't want their daughter having fun. As for the other characters, they are all written really well. Every character is interesting and has their own stories and struggles. Keira Knightley and her story are interesting and so is the coach's story (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) The script is so tight. Not a single scene is wasted. This film also rides the barrier between serious family drama and comedy extremely well. There are some great comedic moments in this film with great timing. Overall, this is a great film for everyone! Check it out!

Danny R (nl) wrote: A struggling actor goes drag and ends up the star of a daily soap opera. The characters are intelligent, which is why I hated this movie. Yep, the intelligent characters and dramatic scenes ruin this because I couldn't buy into the fact that the characters of this movie could not see that Dorothy was a dude. I mean come on. Generally in movies like this, the characters are idiots so I understand that they can't distinguish a man in drag. With that said, the performances by the all star cast are stellar. Maybe too stellar, as they make their characters intelligent Unfortunately, this isn't the kind of movie that requires intelligence.

Alex K (mx) wrote: My Favorite Science Fiction Film Is 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Daniel D (es) wrote: Underrated B horror right here, I mean I expected more from the critics and audience alike. The cheap special greenscreen effects, were hysterical. The best part of the movie. Some of the supporting roles were pretty damn good, like the old couple. The plot is an inside job mission to let giant ants take control of the city. The concluding scene to wrap up the story was cheap and epic. An entertaining treat. One of the movies that's so bad, it's good. A new guilty pleasure of mine.

James O (br) wrote: One of the most engaging films of its era. Cagney is the perfect psycho gangster. Never a dull moment and enough elements to the plot to keep it entertaining. A quality old school film.

Conrad E (fr) wrote: Things I like about this movie... Jerry Reed is a superb villian, Burton Gilliam is creepy and hilarious, and, as with White Lightning and The Longest Yard, its fun watching Burt Reynolds in a drunken scene. Oh yeah... Lauren Hutton used to be quite a hottie!

Aiden A (it) wrote: My god this is bad, at the end of sixth grade my teacher told us to bring movies and we would vote on which to watch, unfortunately, some moron brought THIS. It was a fun experience because I had two friends sitting on the right of me, and two friends sitting to the left and this is what made it fun, because we just ROASTED the CRAP out of this piece of garbage, strangely enough, the GIRLS were enjoying it, but the guys were just sitting their and watching the PAIN unfold on screen. So, if you have a few friends who actually know what a GOOD movie looks like, you can have fun just DESTROYING this pile of crap, but if you are alone this is a terrible movie, plz stay away at ALL costs.Half a star/5