Boynton Beach Club

Boynton Beach Club

A handful of men and women of a certain age pick up the pieces of their lives and look for new love after the loss of their mates in this comedy drama from writer-director Susan Seidelman.

A romantic comedy about our amazing capacity to rebound and fall in love at any age. Lois, Harry, Marilyn ,Sandy and Jack live in an "Active Adult" community in Boynton Beach, Florida. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra j (gb) wrote: Cute, lighthearted,,,a little predictable.

Nat A (us) wrote: Though a general theme/focus is scattered, it does tackle the American student loan crisis extremely well in a way that is engaging and delves the audience in this increasingly overwhelming issue. Doesn't really leave the individual any message so it seems cut short, but in a way the spreading of the info allows for awareness which in itself is a message. Again, the filmmaking, cinematography, the bullet points and the research and elements of this crisis are well covered and executed but it stops right there with no specific prompt for action.

Todd S (ag) wrote: It takes a good actor to play a bad one, and that's really the point of Return To Sleepaway Camp. Many critics have given this movie a terrible review, because they just don't understand it. Back in the 50's and 60's B-Movies were terrible because they had a very small budget. The actors were bad, the effects were ridiculous, and the story was rushed. Today's B-Movies have 100 times the budget of their predecessors. Return To Sleepaway has bad acting and terrible effects, not because they had no budget, but rather to pay homage to the B-Movies of the past. If you look at it in that context, this movie is actually pretty good! The kids are great, there are some really funny lines, and the cheesy effects are hilarious. It's just a simple, funny, old fashion B-Horror movie, that I enjoyed quite a bit.

Jason A (it) wrote: Director Ching Tsui Tung (Chinese Ghost Story I and II, East is Red) manages to give the tubby Seagal his first movie of the new millenium that rises above the two star or below level. The story is engrossing, the acting passable, and- even though he is still heavily doubled- the action scenes don't really suffer that badly. I can't say that Belly of the Beast is a great movie, but it's probably the only movie Mr. Seagal has done in the past ten years that isn't easily overshadowed by the latest Lorenzo Lamas movie or Witchcraft entry in its entertainment value. That's probably saying a lot, but I doubt it. Watch it. Probably. LOL

Mo M (jp) wrote: I like it for the reason NOSTALGIA

Teresa S (es) wrote: (2001 Director: Jill Sprechler) I don't remember this one well, but I have seen it! Perhaps it's a sort of "mood" type movie?! There is one movie that comes to mind that this reminds me of, well two really. One is stories of married couples living in New York & their rate of attrition (busted relationships)...The other is I think an excellent film (to be continued)

(fr) wrote: 51%? pfft. This is my favorite John Waters film. It's got everything good in it. It makes me laugh and I agree with it quite a lot. It's full of fun, excitement and humor! Melanie Griffith and Stephen Dorff just rock in this film. This is in my top 5 favorites of all time. Watch it and you shouldn't be disappointed. Unless you suck or are boring. Which, ya know... is your problem, not the movie. :P

Jonny C (jp) wrote: This movie was totally cool as a kid, and definitely has nostalgia factor.

Skyler B (mx) wrote: Anyone - ANYONE - claiming to like this movie is a liar. And goddamned annoying as fuck. And should die.

Jeffrey A (br) wrote: Generic but oh so much fun...

(fr) wrote: Cast: Devon Bostick, Scott Speedman, Arsine Khanjian, Rachel Blanchard, Noam Jenkins, Kenneth Welsh, Aaron Poole, Katie Boland, Duane Murray Director: Atom Egoyan Summary: Assigned to translate a terrorism-related news story for his French class, teen Simon (Devon Bostick) weaves personal details into his tale, which soon leaves the Internet swirling with rumors that Simon's dead father was an actual terrorist. Acclaimed auteur Atom Egoyan's haunting and lyrical drama -- cleverly structured as a mystery -- also stars Scott Speedman as Simon's caretaker uncle and Arsine Khanjian as Simon's persistent teacher. My Thoughts: "The story is a dialogue driven film with discussions surrounding terrorism, religion and prejudice. This boy Simon, has, with some help from his french teacher, fabricated a story into making his father out to be a terrorist. It was suppose to be a french assignment about putting the story into your own words as the teacher is reading it aloud. SImon writes it as the third person, as if he was apart of it. His french teacher encourages him to go further with it as a drama piece and to not reveal that it is all fabricated. But as Simon continues telling the story, his own story gets tangled within it and the lines of truth and lies become a bit blurred. Also the french teacher has her own secret and reasons for having him explore this lie/story, but you will have to watch the film to figure it out. The whole film is completely absorbing. It can also be confusing at times with the flashbacks. But definitely worth the rental."

Nick P (us) wrote: An ultimate guilty pleasure. MOMMIE DEAREST tells the biography of acclaimed actress Joan Crawford from the account of Christina Crawford, the former's adopted daughter. However, this is about the alleged abusive side of Joan no one knew about A controversial book, which divided people on whether or not Joan was abusive. It starts out with Christina and her brother and their relationship with Joan. Competitive at first, it becomes much worse. Joan ruthlessly beats her daughter at a swimming competition, saying "I'm bigger and I'm faster, I will always beat you". Throughout her childhood, it seems like that statement for Christina was true, but cruel. She goes through emotional, psychological, verbal and physical abuse from Joan, most notably, the "NO WIRE HANGERS" scene where Joan comes home one night in ghostly make up and has an enormous tantrum over the fact that there was wire hangers in Christina's closet. This film is definitely a campy, cult classic. It was supposed to be viewed as a psychological drama, but a lot of the "drama" was laughable. If I was expecting terrifying drama, I would be giving this a horrible review. But I thought MOMMIE DEAREST was entertaining, especially Faye Dunaway's over-the-top performance as the legendary actress, though Crawford herself was very dramatic. I, however, did not appreciate Diana Scarwid's performance as Christina as an adult. Her lines seemed forced, her face is awkward and I didnt feel any emotion towards her that would be.sympathetic. MOMMIE DEAREST is very laughable and exaggerated to many, me included to some extent, but very entertaining.

Orlok N (ru) wrote: art,war & melancholia

David J (ag) wrote: clunky and mostly uninspired movie about Queen Elizabeth's problems with Spain, retold recently as Elizabeth: the Golden Age

John G (gb) wrote: As per usual, Tinker Bell shows the gift of friendship and how two beings worlds apart from one another can come together and become friends, whether they are humans, or fairies. The friendship between characters Vidia and Tink were explored furthermore in this film. A truly well done for a great movie that shows the importance of friendship!