Boys Briefs 4

Boys Briefs 4

At night, a world comes to life in the shadows of streetlamps, in the stalls of public restrooms, in the apartments of the well-to-do. This is a world most guys only dream about. But the ...

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Jenny M (it) wrote: Inspiring and frustrating, this is a scatter-gun conceptual pie in the face of consumer culture. Unlike Michael Moore the humor - Marx meets Trotsky in a short cartoon sequence - is brief and bearable. The filmmaker leaves it to his interviewees to explain what's right - but mostly wrong - with capitalism. And again unlike Moore, there are no easy answers. The questions are what's difficult here. Marx makes us think. Worth repeated viewing.

Dawit R (us) wrote: Unlike many other black centered comedies, which are mostly out of touch, fake and hyperbolic; this one is really well done and, I must say, really entertaining. Great cast and Director.

forcebucket B (jp) wrote: I wonder if this wasn't followed by the dark knight if i would have rated this 5 stars instead of 4 and a half. Still deciding.

Art L (mx) wrote: Poignant heart wrenching POV

Ernie T (jp) wrote: Years after the assassination, an investigate documentary seeks to piece together the truth behind the fatal shooting of George W. Bush in Chicago. This faux-documentary can be easily dismissed as political propaganda but it is actually as engaging as any documentary you may see on History or Discovery.

(kr) wrote: the best movie in the world i love this movie soooooooo much

Eric J (ag) wrote: Similar to "This is Spinal Tap" Not as good as that film but funny nonetheless

Chloe A (ca) wrote: So interesting and fun. Also deep.

Roy S (kr) wrote: I love this film. Holds up well after several viewings. Mercenaries in Africa is always a good start, but Walken really pushes it to another level. They just don't make enough of these films.

Andy P (ru) wrote: Christopher Lee's icy, imperious count makes for a grander, more horrifying and more cinematic villain than Bella Lugosi's, and Hammer's boundary stepping production is more horrifying, unabashedly lurid and unmistakably sexy than the Universal classic.

Angela P (gb) wrote: Do yourself a favor and don't watch the trailer before actually watching the movie, it gives away a lot of important stuff. Overall, it's a pretty good post-Baby Jane movie. Bette got a little campy at times, but I don't care, I love campy Bette.

Oskar B (ru) wrote: Extremely interesting, important and kind of necessary for people who has an interest in movies. This film got me think higher of the legendary director Jodorowsky but also everyone else that was in on this project. It was a really awesome documentary about a potentially great film but also about Jodorowsky's psyche. Very well done.