Boys Don't Cry

Boys Don't Cry

Female born, Teena Brandon adopts his male identity of Brandon Teena and attempts to find himself and love in Nebraska.

Young female-to-male transgender Brandon Teena leaves his hometown under threat when his ex-girlfriend's brother discovers that he's biologically female. In Nebraska, Brandon attempts to find himself and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (mx) wrote: I know that this wasn't well-received, but I found it interesting nonetheless. I like how it compliments the other Steve Jobs film really well, telling different aspects of his life. I can't say that anyone would like this, but I enjoyed it, mostly because of the subject matter.

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mark d (au) wrote: It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 26, 2009. The title refers to the Bronx's City Island, where the film is set.Received the First Place Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Eliabeth B (kr) wrote: yes it is stupid, yes it is poorly acted..... but it is supposed to be. It is funny.

Steve S (kr) wrote: It's hard to critic a film based from a memoir. If the story is of no interest, then the movie will be a waste of your time.

Andrew B (fr) wrote: Even Johnny Depp has some pure duds. Sure, Hunter S. Thompson is a strange interesting character in pop culture. Interesting enough to make a movie about ? Not really. For the person who dips and dabbles in psychedelic drugs maybe this movie can be somewhat interesting, IF you happen to be on said drugs at the time of watching this movie. For the average movie watcher though, this is nothing but an abnormal waste of time. Maybe its just me, but watching a feature length film about a bunch of people on a full blown acid trip the entire film is not just annoying, but downright stupid. And I don't even think a different group of actors or writers could have made this movie any better. I think a documentary about Hunter S. Thompson would be sufficient to tell his story. I understand the concept of the movie, pretty much taking you into the mind of someone who is completely strung out on drugs. But the entire movie? come on, it is a bit much if you ask me. Fear and Loathing in the end makes no sense at all. Watching other people trip out on acid is not fascinating at all, especially if you are not tripping out on acid yourself. Its like being a party where everyone is drinking and having a good time and you are sitting in the corner by yourself playing on your phone because you are the designated driver. Sure being the DD is admirable, and there should always be on available, but lets be totally honest, its zero fun. Which is the same with this movie. Johnny Depp has always picked different roles obviously, and a lot of them he has really missed on, and this was one of them.

Daniel A (us) wrote: I put this under the same category as Encino Man, 90's nostalgia and mindless fun that makes you overlook some of the quirky story line.

Deasia M (mx) wrote: it was very good. its makes you on edge.

Daniel S (es) wrote: An interesting at times academically boring back story movie that actually entertains and fascinates

Ralph R (ag) wrote: "Ira Hayes.... Ira Hayes.... Call him drunken Hayes, He won't answer anymore. Not the whiskey drunken Indian or the man who went to war."

Karla S (kr) wrote: My first introduction to Woody. Laughed till I cried

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Brandon B (mx) wrote: Quite possibly the best movie about an ancient Mexican bird-lizard-god living in the Chrysler Building ever made. Plus, how many other films have both Richard Roundtree AND David Carradine?

George K (ru) wrote: This was a nice little movie to get lost in for a bit. No one from the academy will come calling, but I did not want my money back at the end, and that is about all I have come to expect (sorry).