Boys in Brown

Boys in Brown

Jackie lives in poverty with his widowed mother. In a bid to escape poverty he gets involved in a robbery that sees him sentenced to three years in Borstal where he meets a tough crowd, tougher than anything on the outside. The powerhouse performances of Bogarde, Attenborough and Warner make this a film for the ages.

A slice of life in a British Borstal reform institution for young criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb F (mx) wrote: I went into this movie expecting your usual bad horror flick but I was very pleasantly surprised. The movie starts out slow and by halfway through I had guessed the link between the lake and the children but the last twist the movie had caught me by surprise. Overall, it was refreshing to watch something with a little more substance and creativity than the other offerings in the genre.

emily g (nl) wrote: how do you watch it?!?!?

WS W (mx) wrote: The best part is its music score.

Stevan S (ag) wrote: Killer Zombie Nazi's

Martine K (jp) wrote: A delightful British feel good movie, very entertaining!

Bryce K (ca) wrote: Fritz will probably watch this everyday...

Dana A (mx) wrote: This was pretty corny but sad and the story wasn't something I really expected. It was kind of sad.

Andy A (fr) wrote: Don't get confused by the poster. It is definitely not another American Pie story. The story is quite simple and I was touched deeply by Dylan's will and cried like a baby girl.

Jack N (ag) wrote: idk wat to rate it. not really funny yet i enjoy it. not the most inventive plot yet it hooks me. its got that strange cult hit feeling to it

Lisa H (ru) wrote: It was very good, sad ,but as great as the song is.

Dan A (jp) wrote: This is depressing to watch, because the whole time I was doing so all I could think was "Why can't I write something this funny, witty, brilliant" etc. The writing is so authentic and well done, the acting is flawless, the characters are all unique, it's really a very good film. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, I thought it was a bit premature and the film could have gone on for a while longer, but that's just me. David O. Russell continues to either hit me or miss me.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Worthwhile college comedy very much in the 'American Pie' bracket of genres.

LISA (mx) wrote: this was a scarey story its always in my head what this girl went through

Evan K (ru) wrote: I liked this film a lot, but mostly because it reminded me of home. Films with minimal amounts of characters and locations tend to entertain me more.

Gayle H (br) wrote: I want to like this movie more than I do - and I gave it another chance last night, but... Here's a conversation I think must have happened between the Screenwriter and the Director:"Hey - you cut out all of the scenes where Mary acts like she's actually in love with Blackie! Plus, now Blackie's totally unlikeable!""Relax. We got Gable.""GABLE is going to play Blackie?!?""Yeah, Jeannette requested him specially.""Okay. Whew. Don't scare me like that. What are you going to put in all that extra space?""Singing.""Ohhhh... So, she's just going to SING like she's in love with him, instead of ACTING like it?""Yeah, that works best for Jeannette, and Gable will just take care of the rest." "Okay. You want Gable to take his shirt off? I can write you a boxing scene or something..."Aaaaaannnd, scene.I'm kidding about the boxing scene though - it's a good one, and gives a good intro for Tracy's character and their relationship... But seriously about the rest; the only interesting interactions between the two are her singing sweetly at him, while he gives her Spider-to-the-Fly looks that are positively obscene. It's a very strange movie.

Jon P (ca) wrote: Thanks to an iconic finale, lush visuals and exquisite direction, Marlene Dietrich's American movie debut is totally unforgettable. 'Morocco' may not offer much narratively, yet Dietrich's androgyny and alluring on-screen presence are intoxicating and Josef von Sternberg makes excellent use of lighting and elaborate set-pieces. This illustrious Romance is perhaps not the duo's greatest collaboration, yet it remains a luminous classic of 1930's cinema and essential viewing for fans of Sternberg's work.

Rorshach S (ca) wrote: Surreal yet enticing, American Beauty finds director Sam Mendes unevenly juggling many themes about the human condition.

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Con reminisencias a La Soga, este es un film sobre dos amigos que creen haber cometido el asesinato perfecto. Buen drama de Richard Fleischer donde destaca Orscon Welles en el papel de abogado, en glorioso blanco y negro.