Boys Love gekijouban

Boys Love gekijouban

An erotic cat and mouse game set in an all-boys' prep school.

An erotic cat and mouse game set in an all-boys' prep school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faris A (ca) wrote: It looked really Interesting and started out good. Sadly it turned into unwanted scenes. Could have been great, starts off great though, but ends up dull and boring.

Giuliana L (ca) wrote: I love it when I can't guess what will happen next in a film. Roman de Gare's clever plot twists kept me intrigued, along with excellent acting and a good dose of humor.

Bug L (ca) wrote: beautiful ! story, actors, scene ...

Luke B (gb) wrote: A movie about waiting. Doesn't sound too interesting, but when you have well written characters, their interactions become action. This is the story of a heist that goes a little awry. The gang must then hideout. This sounds easier than it is, as fingers begin to point at a setup, and a couple begin to drift apart. This whole time waiting becomes a time for the two protagonists to explore and experiment. It soon becomes obvious that money isn't the only thing at stake, but also pride and freedom, and not just the kind of freedom that involves keeping out of jail. The film, like the best crime thrillers, explodes into violence at a shocking speed. It emphasizes the realistic tone. I loved the 60's setting, and the music really captured the period. At times both frustrating and sad, it shows how humans will let their hearts take over, even if that means getting everyone killed/imprisoned and losing a lot of money in the process.

Mike S (ca) wrote: My favorite early Fassbinder. Very memorable ending.

Wendy B (mx) wrote: This is a crazy funny western. I never thought that Walter Brennan (who is known from the TV show "The Guns of Will Sonnet") would play the patriarch of a crooked family with such hilarity. The scenes with him (especially when he exclaims to one of his sons, "What do you mean, spots?!") crack me up every time I see them.

Yves B (es) wrote: i love old sci-fi movie! this b/w movie is now colorized on DVD!

Maggie B (jp) wrote: What's not to love about "Chauncey Gardener." A rather fine film.

Sultan A (es) wrote: Infused with cheap scares, wooden acting, and horrid direction, this trite remake serves as an appalling mish-mash of predictable cliches, as well as remarkably horrendous storytelling.