Boys' Night Out

Boys' Night Out

Fred, George, Doug and Howie are quickly reaching middle-age. Three of them are married, only Fred is still a bachelor. They want something different than their ordinary marriages, children and TV-dinners. In secret, they get themselves an apartment with a beautiful young woman, Kathy, for romantic rendezvous. But Kathy does not tell them that she is a sociology student researching the sexual life of the white middle-class male.

Fred, George, Doug and Howie are quickly reaching middle-age. Three of them are married, only Fred is still a bachelor. They want something different than their ordinary marriages, children... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Chris H (fr) wrote: Got to love it, if only for the love of the Chicago Cubs, and as a survivor of Collector Shows. But wait, there is more. There is Alan Alda. Oh sure, it's not the light and speedy Hawkeye of old, but it's a great portrayal of a crotchety old curmudgeon, focused on maintaining dignity in the world of diminished capacity. Matthew Broderick is also awesome, in a toned-down role, of a journalist who has "lost his mind (imagine that)." Very subtle and delightful. Loved the fish who wrote "poetry." That's neat.

Lee M (ag) wrote: It never quite shakes its student film feel.

Caleb M (fr) wrote: Excellent examination of teenage angst involving family, sexuality, religion and cultural mores. I didn't find it as compelling as others I've talked to about it, but it's an undeniably well-made, complex, and emotionally loud film.

Private U (es) wrote: I liked this film alot its not as good as it could have been but great to see McDowell in a decent film since Gangster no.1

Stacey R (ru) wrote: Another SPIKE LEE must see film !

John R (nl) wrote: 150502: Found this film a bit painful but saw it through to the end. Actually, it picked up quite a bit after seventy minutes. At that point there is a fairly intense gunfight between the law and the bad men. Following the capture of Bill Doolin, Vance (Randolph Scott) goes out one on three against the Sundance Kid, Bill and the Arkansas Kid. A pretty dark event occurs between these two scenes and it motivates Vance into a foolish battle of fists against the consistently evil Sundance Kid. Lucky for Vance, a misfire allows the fight to occur in the first place. Gabby Hayes continues to provide comedic relief but I sure don't ever remember the Sundance Kid, the Younger Brothers, the Daltons, Bill Doolin and Billy the Kid ever riding together. Oh well, just let that pass.

Jamie T (nl) wrote: Saw the second half of this on TV and thought it was interesting. Corny, yes, but it has a certain fascination by virtue of its very anachronism. I'll be keeping an eye out for it, and will at such time post a full review.

Sablcs K (gb) wrote: It works outstandingly where it must, at the foreboding, scary scenes. I liked the role of the Umbrella company and the underground facility where the story takes place. However it fails terribly where it would be advisable to work, at the action scenes. The CGI is simply mediocre and only the main heroine can really act. But all in all I really like this movie.

Craig F (au) wrote: It just doesn't any substance. It looks good, it's well acted, and the subject is there, but the script lacks excitement.

Liam M (gb) wrote: A bonafide classic. If not as funny and quirky as it thinks it is. It's still a roller coaster of a horror flick that started a legacy.

Richard A (nl) wrote: This is a fun movie. Not a paticuarly "smart" film, but a fun movie.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Goes some way to being a John Carpenter clone in style and music, although as a slasher horror it has a cult worthiness of its own.