Boys Town

Boys Town

Against all odds Father Flanagan starts "Boys' Town" after hearing a convict's story. Whitey Marsh comes there. He runs away but, hungry, returns. He runs away again but, when friend Pee Wee is hit by a car, returns. He runs away and joins his brother's gang. Flanagan and the boys capture the crooks and the reward saves the town.

Against all odds Father Flanagan starts "Boys' Town" after hearing a convict's story. Whitey Marsh comes there. He runs away but, hungry, returns. He runs away again but, when friend Pee ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew W (ru) wrote: This movie was absolutely eye-opening!! Never did I think I would be more inclined to buy Bank-less money. Definitely grabbing some coins while i can.

Al K (gb) wrote: Very funny and pretty good movie!!!

Aaron M (fr) wrote: A very raw and moving documentary about a young man from Pittsburg that finds his real purpose in an orphanage of Indian children with HIV. It is gripping. It is mind opening. It is brilliant.

Rohan D (ag) wrote: A decent thriller,worth a one time watch.Nothing particularly interesting in this if you're already watched 13:Game of death,which was far more intriguing and interesting.Anyway,decent stuff,great job by Paresh Rawal as usual.

Arnaud L (br) wrote: Entertaining B movie with a nice cast. Bernice Liu shows a nice potential.

Bonnie K (ru) wrote: One of my top 10 favorite movies ever. Mark Ruffalo, Laura Linney, and Matthew Broderick just kill it in this movie. Especially Ruffalo. Fantastic acting and writing.

Fong K (ag) wrote: viewed on 19/9/04 (Sun)We heard so much about her shoe collection. It is always mentioned with indication to her greed, corruption and vanity. All built upon her poor people. One interviewee, Imelda's cousin, bashfully said that she found it strange that media talked so much about her big shoe collection when every other rich woman owned many many shoes too, including herself. True. One shopping ad even cheekily said there was a little Imelda in all of us. Imelda herself is pleased to know that. Even the security guard at the Imelda's shoe 'museum' wanted to try on the shoes when no one was watching. It is indeed not a big issue. The documentary surprisingly mentions rather little about her collection too. There is more to this woman. Many many more.The documentary came with a very short notice. Strangely screened for two days only. Being a miser, I wanted to watch it on a weekday but thinking, the screening could be an one-off thing, I parted almost ten dollars to see this controversial film. I did not have high hopes. Well, it is made by a fellow Filipino is one thing. How wrong I am. The quality is nothing short of Michael Moore's standard. In fact, it is so well made that I think that anti-Bush documentary seems a tad inferior. I am thinking. Maybe George W. Bush would be given a fairer trial should Ramona S. Diaz, the director of this documentary, make Fahrenheit 9/11. I would also like to imagine Michael Moore making a documentary on Imelda...There is a big difference between these two documentaries. While Michael Moore keeps putting his ideas and theory about Bush into your head, Ramona S. Diaz really tries to see Imelda from a very impartial point of view. Never once, a comment is made by her. She simply uses her interviewees to give an insight to what Imelda is really like. Why some hate her so much while others adore her like a superstar and even a saviour. There are moments when I can see that Ramona S. Diaz seems to suggest she doesn't like Imelda. For example, she intercuts scenes of Imelda's servants airing her most elaborated dresses with scenes of common people living in slums. There is also scene when Imelda shows off her very funny and even pathetically twisted philosphies on peace and universal harmony. It is rather obvious that the presentation is mocking Imelda, even saying subtly that she is either a nut case or a simpleton. One priest interviewed said Imelda talked to him non-stop, he emphasized that, for four hours. I wonder how the other presidents felt when Imelda was addressing them. I seriously believe that Imelda wants to help her country and her people. She actively met so many people. Saddam Hussien, Ronald Reagan, Deng Xiao Ping, even the Pope etc etc. She wanted to change the image of her country. But in her own idealistic ways, which revolve around essentially beauty, the Arts and grandness. She is so engrossed in her endeavours that she fails to realise she is doing more harm instead, that her ideas come with good intentions but not practicality, that she has made so many people hate her so much. Why is this so? There is a comment made by Imelda's cousin which I think it brings the downfall of Imelda. She said if only Imelda had people around her who are truthful. She was surrounded by people who were too eager to please her. There is even one interviewee who said that Imelda could have been told that the money and treasures she was given were her entitlement. It never occured to her as embezzlement and corruption. Towards the end, there are a couple of quiet moments which somehow show the director's sympathy for Imelda. After watching the movie, you will likely come up with two conclusions. Either she is a very good actress in making herself look like a victim or an extremely dreamy 'tai-tai' who truly wants to serve her country. I go by my gut feeling. I choose the latter. Rating: AExpected Rating: B

Deejay G (gb) wrote: Very strange half way in to show 2 jay kay tramps came up and asked for foil & a lighter lol think they read the film name wrong xxxx But what a show A nice change Georgeyboyx

Joshua L (it) wrote: It's awful, and not very believable.

bill s (ru) wrote: What the hell where they thinking with this movie....serves little other than as a disgrace to all involved.

Zainab K (ag) wrote: Only 2nd half part was good

Timothy F (br) wrote: Classic 70's cartoon film, one of my favorites. Such a great story and awesome animation.

JH K (au) wrote: La escena del culturismo de los 70 es bastante interesante, al igual que este documental que le falta recursos audiovisuales y narrativos aunque no contenido puesto tiene bastante miga.

Joseph N (br) wrote: this movie, is proof that the people back in the 70's knew how to make damn good horror movies back in the day. there was nothing, about this movie i didn't like. the plot, the cast and the acting in general was good, the whole movie kept me interested, there wasn't a point the the movie where i got board and wanted to fast forward to another scene. everything about this movie was awesome i highly recommend everyone to watch it. one of the best horror movies I've seen in awhile by far.

Andy C (it) wrote: The danger of raising a spoiled piece of crap.

Jiri B (gb) wrote: Al Pacino's trade mark yelling keeps this film alive.

Brad H (jp) wrote: A very enjoyable and humorous vampire spoof.

Jack P (kr) wrote: A fairly bland and uninteresting kids film.

David B (ag) wrote: The cast for this movie included some incredibly talented stars of stage and screen so even though I wasn't a mad fan of Harry Hill, I was still hoping for mediocrity. Alas, It was stunningly awful, and I cannot understand how this could possibly have got a 33% rotten tomato score.