"Boytown" concerns a successful 80s boy band of the same name reforming their band in contemporary times in the hope that they can capture some of their former glory and that the fans will still be interested. Tommy, Corey, Benny and two others try to reform Boytown in 2005, but now they are all in the late 30s and are not sure whether people will still be interested in them.

"Boytown" concerns a successful 80s boy band of the same name reforming their band in contemporary times in the hope that they can capture some of their former glory and that the fans will ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly P (au) wrote: This movie is not based on true events. False advertising.

Kain P (us) wrote: Under the mountainIntro: the movie under the mountain is a cheesy kiwi sci-fi/fantasy movie. It is called by some a once in a lifetime experience and they are right. You should have suicide hotline on speed dial while you watch this movie. The twins in this movie have to save the world using the power of the fire-stones given to them by an alien. They need the stones to defeat the Gargantuars and their servants the Wilberforces. But the Wilberforces hold all the cards and will do anything to protect their masters. The twins are not the most identical of people and act like lovers. Review 1: The special effects in this movie were cheap and un-convincing. When they are ignited near the end and throwing the stones in to the volcano the flames looked really poor. The special effects could have been done on a home PC using photo-shop. Granted, the make-up was pretty well done with the general sliminess of the Wilberforces well portrayed. The setting effects were done O.K. but they left you with the feeling that they had focused on the main focus of the setting and ignored the rest. Overall the flame animation needed work but the make-up was spot on. Review 1: The actors in this film were a mixed bag. The actors of the twins (Tom Cameron, Sophie McBride) were not the best of actors. They seemed not to really care and the scenes where a massive revelation was made they acted like the end of the world didn't apply to them. However the actor of Mr Wilberforce (Oliver Driver) was amazing. I felt myself going "Oh No!" when we saw his character appear. All in all the twins were newbies to the acting scene and I cannot think of a better way for their career to die. Conclusion: With points given for the make-up and taken away for the poor acting I think that this movie is an example of what New Zealand has to offer the film industry when Peter Jackson is not involved; poor acting and weak special effects. To give this a score I say that it gets 2 out of 5. To coin a popular phrase what is filmed under the mountain should stay under the mountain. Kain Meyer-Scott

Julie S (jp) wrote: This was bad, real bad. Not even Joseph Gordon Levitt looking the HOTTEST I'VE EVER SEEN HIM could help to make it more interesting.

Patrick K (jp) wrote: There is a subplot for every of the several characters in this minor masterpiece. And every one of the characters' stories eventually is linked to the others'. It's only been three years since I saw first saw "Intermission," but the goings-on are so convoluted that it was like watching it for the first time. I remembered little from my first viewing, except that I liked it a lot and laughed a lot. It will probably be less than three years before I give this gem another go. If you are partial to dark comedies with a heart of gold, your time will be well-spent on "Intermission."

Lee M (au) wrote: Much maligned Alan Parker comedy that may be improving with age.

Mitch l (fr) wrote: Seagals best film which doesn't say much. Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey join the fun on this story of the USS Missouri making voyage to the mainland to be retired. The boat gets highjacked by Jones and Busey, and Seagal who is a cook on the ship has to save the day. Good movie and if your a guy you should enjoy it.

Lockie M (it) wrote: A bit overlong, but a very entertaing film regardless.

Andrew H (gb) wrote: Lol. It's definitely a bad movie but this is one of my favorite B movies out there....For some reason. Basically a rip-off of Alien.

David H (ca) wrote: An Revolutionary Epic Masterpiece and the First Feature Length Film with a great Story, great Directions, great Camera Views, great Actors, great Battle Scenes, the famous Moloch of Karthago and the Beginning of the famous Character of Machiste

Harsh C (de) wrote: Sort of funny but got a bit boring