Bra Boys

Bra Boys

A film about the cultural evolution of the Sydney beach side suburb of Maroubra and the social struggle faced by it's youth - the notorious surf gang known as the Bra Boys.

A film about the cultural evolution of the Sydney beach side suburb of Maroubra and the social struggle faced by it's youth - the notorious surf gang known as the Bra Boys. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marta R (fr) wrote: This was very hard to watch, and as far as the reviews before this... they failed to mention that this particular film is based on a true person.... Unfortunately, many female college students due turn to prostitution feeling that it is the only option... SO SAD :-(

John H (gb) wrote: Beautiful Bore is essentially a thirty minute skit with 15 minutes of relevant dialogue and an extra hour of long, mind numbing worthless footage and 'pass the salt' lines to fill the time out to movie length. Huge gaps in the story result in nothing being learned. Instead, we are treated to numerous, mute scenes of people staring, sitting, lounging, reading, cleaning and even picking out produce in a super-market. The story advances all 20 minutes worth of aimless direction at a rate of about once every 20 minutes. If you were looking for a film with more depth and insight than a four-minute music-video, lower your expectations greatly before viewing.This heavy handed use of ambiance scenes that drown the viewer in meaningless footage is apparently a long montage of high-minded attempts to use silence and expression to evoke moods that have no framework. Instead, combined with the trying-too-hard trendy camerawork and frankly offensive stench of pride in amateur sloppiness, the viewer is immersed in inscrutable, useless, long pauses in a story that barely begins and never really concludes. The shooting, its cause and questions are so removed from the script that it may as well be any other soap opera episode about a souring marriage, complete with 15 minutes of motel chat about vending snacks, booze and dreary sex.Every eventual scene-change defibrillates the viewer into remembering there is actually a movie happening, and the amount of protracted scenes that do nothing are such exercises in still-life that one could be forgiven for whistling in the middle of the film for entertainment. It's the sort of movie that you applaud in the end because it's finally over, and when the credits finally roll, it feels like a confession that the director had no real point after all and just wants to quit trying once the 90 minute mark is hit.Whatever film festival accolades this film so blatantly sought in this art-house coma of a screen-play, where the blank paper it's typed on contributes as much as the ink, the questions it leaves for the audience aren't 'how would the parents of a school shooter see things?' or 'what impact does violent raging massacres have on a young murderers family?'. No, the question this film leaves the audience with is 'What games do I have on my phone while I wait for this slide-show to finally end?'.

Livy W (fr) wrote: One of the worst movies ever. Poorly acted and poorly written. Slow and boring with no excitement. Waste of time.

Jos M (br) wrote: Aceptable, debido a que se dirigi ms a los nios que al pblico en general. Tiene buenas partes, pero debi ser ms larga. No est al nivel de sus dos predecesores.

Greg W (au) wrote: skip this see the 1974 version

Rick Q (nl) wrote: less of a movie, and more of a clip show.

RJohn X (gb) wrote: Lazenby could have had a rich career as a sleaze. As the father of a a murdered child, obsessed with unmasking the killer, he enters into the decadent and wild underbelly of upper crust Venice. Great locations, a somewhat unpredictable killer, and strong performances kept this one zipping along. Not to mention the wharf chase scene, where the suspence is built upon misdirection and a lot of tomfoolery. Great stuff. Lado is a real director, mostly.

Luke S (it) wrote: I gave Stereo three stars. I give this one two stars because I feel that Cronenberg made few advances beyond the former's limitations. There are some sound effects other than the voiceover this time around, although it almost always degrades from the visuals rather than support them. Again, Cronenberg created this film with limited resources, but ultimately it is less effective than Stereo, which isn't a good thing. And once again, mostly just for Cronenberg fanatics.

Steve S (ru) wrote: ** (out of four) One of my least favorite films to ever be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Awards. Based on the best selling book, "Airport" is one of the first of the disaster movies that started in the 1970's. An all-star cast, including Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, George Kennedy, and Oscar winning perforamnace for Helen Hayes, live through a disaster centering around a midwest airport.

Alex V (de) wrote: A major star reduction for a scene involving a van that would never find its place in a world where reality reigned.

Sara C (de) wrote: A great film from start to finish

Shawn S (it) wrote: This is very funny and lots of fun!