Bradford Riots

Bradford Riots

The story of the aftermath of the 2001 Bradford riots told from the perspective of an Asian familty

Bradford Riots tells the story of the 2001 riots and their aftermath from the point of view of an Asian family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (ag) wrote: Interesting, and sometimes even exciting, documentary.The story of Frenchman Philippe Petit's daring tightrope-walk between the two towers of the World Trade Centre in 1974. Shows the backstory - him growing up, his previous escapades (including walking between two pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge), the planning of the World Trade Centre event, the setup and finally the execution of the event.Quite exciting. Even though he obviously survived (as he was interviewed for the documentary) you do feel all the tension and danger involved in his feat. Being scared of heights only made me even more anxious... All the planning and setup was intriguing too.With the documentary being made several years after 9/11, all the footage of the World Trade Centre is quite nostalgic.On the downside, I couldn't relate to why he would want to do something like that. Being fairly practical and plus risk-averse (plus, as mentioned before, having a fear of heights), I just could not see why did did it, or does what he does as a profession. In the movie, Philippe Petit tries to explain, as best he could, why he does what he does, and his explanation has some merit, but to me he is just taking unnecessary risks.Whatever his motivations, the movie still makes for enthralling viewing.

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