Brainscan: Aku dan topi ajaib

Brainscan: Aku dan topi ajaib


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Malay
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Brainscan: Aku dan topi ajaib 2008 full movies, Brainscan: Aku dan topi ajaib torrents movie

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Brainscan: Aku dan topi ajaib torrent reviews

Carlos Javier P (ru) wrote: Aunque la vi principalmente por el cast que garantizaba exito, Robbie, Waltz, Hounsou y Jackson... Este film se presenta como ligero de digerir, con una tematica que al ser muy repetida debio ser dificil de rescatar, cosa que no sucedio. La recomiendo.

Kevin S (mx) wrote: Emotionally unengaging, flat & banale script. Oh well

Walter M (fr) wrote: As Howard Marks(Rhys Ifans) tells his rapt audience, his high intelligence allowed him to not only escape regular school beatings and rugby but also his depressed Welsh village. At Oxford University, he turns on, tunes in, and almost drops out before being given a second chance. After that, he takes up a boring life of near poverty as a teacher with Ilze(Elsa Pataky). But then he gets a fateful phone call from his friend Graham(Jack Huston) from jail in Germany who wants him to do a small favor of driving a drug-filled car back to England. After this successful transit, Howard ponders a better distribution model. Enter James McCann(David Thewlis). "Mr. Nice" gets off to a good start in firmly establishing its protagonist's psychological motivations for actions in his future life.(Whether he confirms to colonial stereotypes or confounds them is a matter for another debate.) Stylistically, the movie seeks to be of the time it is set, first in black and white and then with a healthy amount of rear projection with spotty references that occasionally set the time like Bloody Sunday before going into the future at supersonic speeds on the Concorde as the characters seemingly never age. After all of that, as presented here, Howard Marks does not seem that remarkable for a drug smuggler, making him little deserving of a biopic. And the movie errs by not fully developing the more gonzo elements of the story like the IRA/MI6 connections that involve an atypically unhinged David Thewlis.

emily h (kr) wrote: disney movies got lame

Magesh R (it) wrote: You could Guess the Story in the First 5 minutes ...too damn slow :(

Eric H (au) wrote: In all it's a short film but you will find it enjoyable from the restaurant scene in the beginning to the very end credits. And not a bad soundtrack if R & B and hip hop is your preferred choice in music.

Adam F (es) wrote: "Leprechaun 2" is a horror comedy where not all of the jokes hit but it's pretty enjoyable. I really enjoyed the titular villain being tricked into a drinking contest to diminish his telepathic powers and you will breathe a sigh of relief when you realize that this one really knows how silly the premise is and decides that if it can't be scary, it might as well be goofy. Some of the humour falls completely flat (most of the one-liners are pretty bad) but overall even at its worst it's still enjoyable. The Leprechaun most often doesn't come on as a real horror icon, but more of a jerk that has no regard for human life and cares more about getting gold than about having his victims live through his pranks. It's a lot of fun despite some bad acting and bad writing and it's a rare sequel that's better than the original. (Dvd, May 24 2012).

Joseph D (gb) wrote: Carrie didn't really need a remake, but I thought everyone did a good job as their respective characters, especially the Whites, Carrie was fairly convincing, & Mrs. White was.......HOW THE HECK WAS THAT CRAZY B---- ALLOWED TO RAISE A CHILD???!!!! that's how convincing Julianne Moore was!

Peyton C (kr) wrote: While I don't like it as much as most, I will not deny that this is FUNNY. Other crappy spoof movies need to take notes from this and Mel Brooks' other classic spoofs.

Greg V (gb) wrote: BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA is the story of entertainers (a loose term) Duke Mitchell (a singer mimicking Dean Martin) and Sammy Petrillo (a comedian - another loose term - mimicking Jerry Lewis. They crash land on a desert island and are rescued by the local tribe of natives. The beautiful daughter of the chief falls for Duke, while her fat sister falls for Sammy. The beautiful one works by day for a mad evolutionary scientist (Bela Lugosi, of course) on another part of the island. The cast make the most out of a pathetically poor script that features lots of jokes, only they aren't funny. Interestingly, Bela has serious designs on his beautiful young island girl/assistant. Things liven up a bit with the introduction of Ramona the Chimp, who like the fat island girl, seems to fall in love with Sammy, or at least she's just using his lesser IQ to get what she wants. Perhaps she gets it when they sleep together in her lab cage, but the scene fades out. Meanwhile, Bela plans to use a serum to change a man into a gorilla, with Duke as his intended test subject. Eventually this all ends with Bela getting revenge against the entertainers for meddling with his evil plans, or does it? The twist ending leaves a lot to be desired. As usual, Bela Lugosi is the best thing in the film, and handles his role professionally throughout. The real Martin and Lewis eventually sued Mitchell and Petrillo, ending their mimickry.

Joe T (gb) wrote: This film keeps seeming like its gonna do something interesting - but it never does.

Joe S (mx) wrote: Not a scary movie but I knew that going in. Acting wasn't very good but man did that leprechaun like to play with people before unleashing his final blow. Acting wasn't very good either