Werner von Basil (a Austrian intellectual) was captured by the Nazi in 1938. The want to break him to confess smuggling. Without any mental sustenance, the only thing left to keep his mind busy is an old tactics book for chess.

In 1938 Austria shortly after the Nazi occupation, a prominent Viennese intellectual, Werner von Basil, is arrested for smuggling art treatures out of the country and imprisoned by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brainwashed torrent reviews

Jessica C (mx) wrote: not bad as a tv movie.. Brittany is a good actress, pity she passed away... :(

MOTO (jp) wrote: Could've done without the artfag dancing scenes and graphics, but the testimonies are absolutely brutal.

Stephen A (it) wrote: I love Danny Boyle's direction. He's coherent, and seems like the prototypical low latent inhibition genius, yet his movies are terribly cheezy and short of - I'd say - rigor. I know that just about everyone disagrees with that. still.

Rachel R (kr) wrote: THis is one of the coolest movies to come out of oz, can watch it over and over again

Vincent T (au) wrote: "L'antre de la folie", ce film de Carpenter toujours aussi particulier toujours aussi bon a voir avec un Sam Neill comme on le verra pas deux fois dans sa carriere.

Filipe C (de) wrote: Impossibly charming. Sleepless in Seattle both channelled the '40s and '50s' melodrama in rom-coms, moving away from the '80s cheese, and had a huge impact in the genre in the decade to come.

Herlene T (au) wrote: I just saw this really and I must admit that it was really good. It is heart warming.

Private U (ca) wrote: Y ffilm Cymraeg gora sydd! Dim llawer o gystadleuaeth, ond dal...

Jeffery A (ag) wrote: It's a very touching movie and shows us younger gay folk the harsh realities of the early days of the AIDS epidemic. I have to say I think that every gay man should see at least once. The performances were spectacular and emotional. I really don't know what more to say. The 100% on Rotten Tomatoes rating should say it all.

Todd S (jp) wrote: [font='Times New Roman'][size=4][color=#000000]I really applaud the acting work done in this film by both Roddy McDowall and Mary Steenbergen. McDowall really plays the nervous psycho well and Steenbergen plays several roles and carries them all off. The story plot is not too bad. It gives us some twists here and there and some good suspenseful moments. The music score isn?t bad but doesn?t really help the film much other than on a basic level. The few effects that there are in the film are done well enough. This one is worth at least one viewing, especially if you are into more atmospheric and cerebral horror mysteries.[/color][/size][/font]

Mr N (ag) wrote: Fast & Furious features all the things we know and love from its predecessors though this film does have some inconsistencies with its plot and certain aspects of the film. However you'll still be entertained.

Jack W (de) wrote: Not the funniest but still very funny in its own right.

Drew S (it) wrote: This is buy far the Best Russell Crowe Movie...It tie's with The Gladiator I guess?