After a traffic accident Kaylie is in coma for months. Her doctors want to try a new procedure on her: to regain her consciousness, they stimulate her brain with neural patterns of a woman who just died. It works, and Kaylie seems to be OK again. However in her dreams, she lives the last day of her savor - and realizes that she's been killed! Together with her husband she tries to find out what happened.

After a traffic accident Kaylie is in coma for months. Her doctors want to try a new procedure on her: to regain her consciousness, they stimulate her brain with neural patterns of a woman ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth L (ru) wrote: sang-soo hong is one of the best filmmakers working today. so good at what he does (blurring the line between life, art, illusion, reality) that it's easy to become intoxicated by his scenes and characters. it also makes me want to drink a shit ton of soju. and visit korea.

Juno N (br) wrote: The idea is taken from ancient historical slavic myths. Vurdalaks are victims of werewolfs who do not turn into werewolfs like much of us believe. The plot is not bad. Quite original due to the eslavic myths. Perhaps, a little bit more credibiliy on the consruction of the characters (too thrilled: a gang of hunters taken from a cartoon. Seriously?) and a better start would have made this movie memorable. But idea is not bad, boys.

Andy W (kr) wrote: Slightly above the average Sci-Fi channel B-movie but not by much.

Nathan K (us) wrote: Comedy worth watching at the very least.

Erica B (it) wrote: A truly beautiful film, especially the end. I loved the scene with the light. But it does tend to get boring and a lot of it was just over my head!

Debsuvra G (ru) wrote: Huge mess of bullets and violence, a convoluted hotchpotch of supposed plot points and storyline which isn't really humorous or interesting. In short, loads of smokes but no aces.

Chael N (ru) wrote: Engaging but suffers from book-was-better syndrome.

Scout S (ag) wrote: Quite possibly the best made horror movie of our time. Excellent suspense, plot timing, and sound design.

Stephen S (br) wrote: Mostly just weird, cool action scenes though. Basically just one of those generic 90s action movies with people who are kind of famous.

Monty H (fr) wrote: Exceptional drama that has two plots crossing over. The first one is the opening scene as American forces are battling the enemy in Kuwait under Operation Desert Storm. Tanks led by LT Colonel Nathaniel Serling (a riveting Denzel Washington) are engaging the enemy when a mistake leads to a friendly fire casualty. Serling's friend is killed in the accident and Serling himself is the one to blame. Flash forward a few years and Serling is requested by his superior to lead an inquiry into rescue pilot Captain Karen Walden (Meg Ryan) who is to receive a posthumous Medal of Honor award. But as Serling begins his investigation, conflicting stories begin to cast doubt on the whole situation. This is really a strong and intriguing movie with top notch performances. Denzel is solid as usual. Lou Diamond Phillips is fiery as Sgt Monfriez, one of Walden's crew. Matt Damon is very good in an early role as her medic. And Meg Ryan herself shines in one of her few dramatic roles. She imbues Karen with heroic and strong values. She easily carries the role off and makes you realize she is a really good actress. We knew she could handle comedy, but she handles drama just fine also. There are also several explosive battle scenes that add to the movie, but doesn't over power it. The only regret is that Denzel and Meg have no scenes together since their stories take place at different points but still Courage Under Fire is an excellent movie. As a former soldier I can relate to all the jargon and customs and can say the film makers did it an awesome job. A wonderful music score is an added bonus.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nathaniel Serling: I think, uh... in order to honor a soldier like Karen Walden, we have to tell the truth, General, about what happened over there. The whole, hard... cold truth. And until we do that, uh, we dishonor her and every soldier who died, who gave their life for their country.[Colonel Sterling gets up out of his chair, walks over to General Hershberg and throws his report on the desk]Nathaniel Serling: My full report General.

Holly K (ca) wrote: The only reason, I repeat, the ONLY reason to see this movie is because you like weenie dogs. In fact, in order to sit through this movie you can't just like weenie dogs you have to adore them. And even if you absolutely adore weenie dogs beyond anyone's wildest imagination which is why my friends and I subjected ourselves to this monstrosity in the first place, I would highly recommend fast forwarding to the scenes with Napoleon (both his real name and his stage name) and skipping the rest--kind of the way you eat the delicious cream cheese icing off a dried-out, revolting grocery store cake.

Adam K (it) wrote: This was not the kind of movie I thought it was gonna be and I love it all the more

Adrienne F (mx) wrote: You must watch this for the psycho killer hitchhiker who turns out not to be a psycho killer. The stilted, unrealistic dialog is another plus. It's interesting to me that there would have been a time in which the film might have been disturbing.

Kelsey F (jp) wrote: I grew up with this movie. Never gets old!