Brammetje Baas

Brammetje Baas


Fidgety Bram (seven years old) thinks a lot about the world around him. He is very much looking forward to enter the first grade. But then he ends up in the class of the strict teacher Mr. Fish. The straightfoward Mr. Fish doesn’t care about the inside world of the constantly moving around and unconcentrated little boy and does whatever it takes to make Bram do things the ‘right’ way. Bram’s parents struggle with the question of how much they should expect their son to adapt without becoming completely miserable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom H (es) wrote: Not bad, not great, but somewhere in-between the grey zone. I liked the gore scenes, but there wasn't exactly a wide range of these scenes. Ok film, worth a watch for fans of Horror/Comedy.

Meghan E (de) wrote: You don't need to be a car nut to like this. It explores the attachment and nostalgia someone can have with friends and their home and their history. Just a little bit long-winded.

Sasy N (ru) wrote: [07/12] Ich bin mir relativ sicher, dass ich diesen Film schon mal gesehen haben muss, denn einige Szenen kannte ich bereits. Trotzdem fand ich den Film gut. Vin Diesel hat mich berrascht und auch die restliche Besetzung fand ich passend.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Makes a fine addition to my collection.

Shannon P (gb) wrote: great movie, keeps you guessing

Andy G (us) wrote: the one movie i loved that had little to no words in the hole thing... it a funny layed back movie..

Scott S (ru) wrote: Another great movie from Samuel Fuller. Great theme of sanity and insanity not only play in the story and acting, but with each shot and lighting technique.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: It was funnier than I thought it'd be. Cool shit and well made.

Keren P (au) wrote: refreshingly Sweet!Some movies are " emotional state dependent". This happens to be one of them...If you are craving an outside marriage fling that will reawaken your senses and remind you of the purpose of your existence then this movie will have a fighting chance of leaving you with a sweet note!

Kyle M (de) wrote: An epic with similar functions from "Gone With the Wind" to "Pearl Harbor" with some "Dances with Wolves" traits into the mix that tells a property-saving cattle drive forming an unlikely family together and would keep their love connections strong through threatening obstacles and war. It'd created not only the usual defining pieces that were tried and used for the epic genre, there was the typical warmth while it was occasionally an actuality in the romance aspect, alongside emphasizing a certain ideology from a classic source. But an epic film with a filled, bloated length bound to have its weak points and an unbalanced flow of moments' strength, especially some visuals. It's overall a good epic on family retaining their love connections through trouble times. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Joey S (fr) wrote: Childhood favorite - Angela lansbury before she started writting murders.

Eric B (kr) wrote: This movie is hilarious!