Branca de Neve

Branca de Neve


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Branca de Neve torrent reviews

Jerem M (fr) wrote: Two words you will often read in reviews of this film are "existential" and "thriller". This is probably a good description of the film, although it bears noting that there is almost no dialogue in the entire film. (Which is pretty cool, considering how well it keeps you involved.) The main sticking point is that we are forced to root for the bad guy. No come-uppance? Well, it's an indie.

Konrad A (au) wrote: This was a ok movie with Ben stiller he was funny in this movie. I like how he played with Rex the dinosaur and it was cool how him and his son in the movie road the dinosaur in the park to get the tablet. So good moments and funny parts I would say.So see what you think

Daniel P (it) wrote: Annette Bening is excellent, but I couldn't really invest in the movie overall.

Dena S (ag) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie its a nice light comedy.

David L (ca) wrote: Renown as quite the 90's Classic, this was one I'd always heard about but never had the pleasure of seeing. I fully understood the concept but was dubious as to how this might be portrayed to make it compelling viewing. Whether I had already made my mind up about this before witnessing it, I didn't actually find it an unmissable watch. Of course I thought it was clever and the producers set themselves a real challenge in ensuring they replicated several scenes in the same manner. However, when you know what's coming it maybe didn't have the same visual impact. For me, it was like living the same moments over and over again with only a slight variation on the ending in some of them - sometimes he'd fall asleep, sometimes he'd get arrested, sometimes he'd have a drunken one night stand, and sometimes he'd even commit suicide. Regardless though, it always took us back to the same morning so like Bill Pulman, I started to find the routine a tad monotonous. Why the cycle would suddenly end when he finally does something righteous, I don't know, but I guess it fits with the fantasy type theming of this movie. I know it was primed at being romantic and comical but it didn't really grip me that hard on those elements - I was mainly just glued to see what he did actually do to break the cycle. I can't honestly say that I saw what gave this film a real name for itself back in the day, but nevertheless it was still something a bit different. I think it showcased various elements of what one would do if faced with such a situation; abusing the privileges before slowly succumbing to the depression it would cause. Had it gone on much longer, I think I would have felt the same - Enjoyed it at first, but the repetition soon led to boredom creeping in.

David M (br) wrote: If I were still 5 this movie would get 5 stars!

ScubaSteve Walter M (ag) wrote: Ian McKellen made an impressive performance, the movie is not that bad either. Good subject but there's something missing, I just can't point my finger on it. LOL.

Gavin D (fr) wrote: Sweet and heartfelt, sad and truthful to the core.

Jacob D (au) wrote: I prefer the sequel but this is still a solid horror movie.

Joseph E (us) wrote: I actually enjoyed it, although there was too many chacthers, the plot was loose, and it wasn't as funny as you'd expect, but I still liked it, Sort of.