Branches of the Tree

Branches of the Tree

Four brothers converge around an ailing father.

Four brothers converge around an ailing father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick W (nl) wrote: Awesome to see johnny take on new roles let alone a chance to see Jacky Chan kicking butt and doing his own stunts again!! Fun, action filled comedy

Kevin R (de) wrote: What we touch, touches us too.Richie Hurst is a broke college student with a degenerate gambler dad and a checkered past. He is caught setting up a gambling ring at school and loses his source of income. He decides to meet with a gambler ring leader in Costa Rica and talk to him about his site; in the process, he earns himself a job. Unfortunately, the job turns out to be more than he expected and losing his college funds may be the least of his worries."I love fucking over Princeton guys, cause I went to Rutgers."Brad Furman, director of The Take, The Lincoln Lawyer, and the upcoming Scarpa (Sylvester Stallone), delivers Runner Runner. The storyline for this picture is very average and lacks drama, passion, and commitment. The acting is also just okay outside of a solid supporting role by Anthony Mackie. The cast also includes Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, Gemma Arterton, Oliver Cooper, and Michael Esper."I would like you to meet a magical unicorn."I grabbed this off HBOGO because I had completely forgot about it and thought a Timberlake and Affleck movie would be interesting; unfortunately, this picture falls flat. This has little drama that feels real and an honest threat to the main character, the acting was also surprisingly piss poor. Overall, I recommend skipping this movie."That voice in your head isn't your's fear."Grade: D

Mette Marie K (ca) wrote: Speechless. That's how the movie "Same Same But Different" leaves you. And as happy as one can be after going to the cinema. Incredibly authentic, honest and feeling, and without one single touch of kitsch, Detlev Buck narrates the love story, which is based on the real story of Benjamin Prfer and Srykeo Suolvan. Everything - from the music to the camera setting - spreads a unique magic, which had seemed to have disappeared from the theaters as a consequence to the dousands of "we'll-save-the-world"-movies - but it's back. Off course, we don't want to forget the two young leads. First off all David Kross, who has already been known as a promising actor of the next generation, since he was part of "The Reader". He plays the calm and a little humoristic role of Benjamin Prfer, as if it was written for him only. Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, who is yet rather unknown outside of Asia, plays his big love Srykeo, and she is as well the perfect cast for the little, sweet, but also very stubborn and vivacious Cambodian girl. (Besides, her accent is enchanting). The supporting actors, all of them still rather unknown, are also important for the movie and fill out their characters comparatively well. The soundtrack, a mixture of many different and known Songs, is also very worth mentioning. Sometimes quiet and soft bass tones and just after that loud rock sounds and lamenting cries in the background - this blend makes not only Cambodia feel as seizable as possible to the audience, but also the river of emotions, to which the two young lovers are given up helplessly. It is especially that river of emotions, which flows through the movies from the beginning to the end, that puts the audience under the ban. You goe with Benjamin to Cambodia for having fun, fall in love with Srykeo, have a long-distance relationship with her. You discover, together with him, that Srykeo is HIV-positive. And at the end, you're put at a crossroad with him. "Same Same But Different" is really a small masterpiece, that especially defines the word "modern" in a new way. It's a modern, very special love story. Detlev Buck said in an interview, that he would be claimed having an inclination to kitsch, if the movie wouldn't be based on a true story. I do not approve of that at all. This movie will stay in your mind without a trace of kitsch - except for a fine, romantic vein, which slowly, but steadily, weaves it's way through the movie. So it's no movie for lovers of big action-hit-it-movies, though I do not want to exclude the whole male audience by saying this. Who likes having deep things served in a light way, is going to love this movie - but not only that person.

Heather M (de) wrote: I don't think that I need to watch this one either.

Heather M (ca) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Veronica B (ag) wrote: This movie was based on a novel. The house looked beautiful. A forbidden love between siblings and a starving artist. Scenery of Venice was nice. Ending wasn't great.

Travis S (de) wrote: In no way does this compete with the original, but its hard to avoid watching a little league baseball movie.

Lanky Man P (nl) wrote: Surprisingly good. Worth a watch.

Christopher K (jp) wrote: It's bad, but in a good way.

Zachary C (mx) wrote: This is the second movie that I've seen Ryan Gosling in that I've actually liked. And I'm surprised that this film isn't better known. But I loved this movie and Ryan Gosling totally made the movie for me. The concept of this film is so fascinating. A jew who becomes a Neo-Nazi is something I would have never thought could be made into a movie, but it was and the result is amazing. The story is about Danny Balint a Jewish Skinhead or Neo-Nazi whatever you preffer and he's a character that's having so much conflict going on inside of him throughout the entire movie. He despises Jews, yet he is one. And he wants nothing to do with these people, but he can't deny the tradition and still has respect for it and not only does he still respect it he still believes it. I remember one scene where him and his skinhead buddies were ripping apart a synagogue and the skinheads were playing with the Torah and Danny was trying to get them to be respectful to it without giving away that he was a jew. And when his girlfriend was over there was a part where she was naked in front of it and he tells her to get dressed because it's forbidden to be naked in front of that sacred text. And yet there are many moments when he just wants to show how much he hates jews and wants to hate them for the sake of hating them not because he wants to kill them per say. But then again there is a moment in the movie when he describes his hatred for jews and he had this to say: "They're like rats running across the floor and you just want to step on them." Yet despite the fact that he's a part of a gang of idiots he's the only smart one in the crowd. The Skinheads hate on the people they hate just to get attention and to be stupid, whereas Danny actually researches valid reasons for why he can hate them and continue to hate them and I gave him a reasonable amount of respect for that (despite the fact that he was wrong). Because more than anything I can't stand people who say they hate something and right when you ask them why they don't have any good reason other than: It's stupid, or they suck or it's not good or some other dumb reason to hate on someone. In the End it's a great movie. The ending could have been better, but all is forgiven. Bravo Ryan Gosling and bravo Henry Bean.

lucinda e (ca) wrote: grew up on this fab asian horror love it bit of ever ything horror,comedy bit of everythin for everyone

Neil O (ag) wrote: Unusual and inventive late Hammer Horror from director Peter Sasdy with a top notch cast headed by Eric Porter, Angharad Rees, Dora Bryan, Jane Merrow and Derek Godfrey. Terrifc production values and a fine Christopher Gunning score.