In a dystopian future, where corporate brands have created a disillusioned population, one man's effort to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy leads to an epic battle with hidden forces that control the world.

Plagued by visions, a former advertising executive (Ed Stoppard) uncovers a clandestine campaign designed to usher in a new era of unbridled consumer consumption around the world, which leads to an epic battle with hidden forces that control the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Branded torrent reviews

Caleb L (jp) wrote: Emotional & great sequel to a great movie. When will Pixar ever fail?

Lisa Marie D (au) wrote: absolutely boring...not scary at all...

Yew L (gb) wrote: If you grew up in the 80s, you would love everything about this movie; and if you didn't, you would love it too. This coming-of-age movie is based on the real events as recalled by the filmmaker Ricardo Trogi himself.

BJ P (gb) wrote: i wanted somethin some more...

Gregory W (de) wrote: well I thought this might b a romantic rom-com but what I got was a black comedy in which broderick in his everyman hang dog put upon ( think "election") as an uncle with a lot of issues who goes to vegas to find his niece and bring her back 2 LA to put her in rehab.

James Edward M (nl) wrote: VERY GOOD MOVIE..A MUST SEE..

Dominic O (it) wrote: Pretty intense action and thrilling movie. But very made for TV.

Austin G (es) wrote: RV is not the best comedy ever, but the charisma of Robin Williams and the well-timed delivery of his comedy make this movie fun for the whole family.

Jason R (mx) wrote: hmmm, i wonder how this one got made?!

Maverick G (us) wrote: A movie that makes me laugh every time I see it...Rowan was the right choice for this funny parody of James Bond

Jesse G (jp) wrote: I always beena huge John Travolta fan so I really enjoyed this movie. It can be a tad predictable at some scenes, but it still had me on the edge of my seat.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (it) wrote: Pretty good, and funny :p worth seeing if u like American Football movies..

Craig M (gb) wrote: Sublime. Where's the damned DVD?

Michael P (ag) wrote: I love old school Disney live action.

Matt M (de) wrote: The same year he made the celebrated work The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Wiene made this shorter horror about an irresistible woman who may be a witch or simply cursed and wild, who leads all men who lay their eyes on her to obsession, madness and murder. Well, it's certainly plain to see that this short is hardly as remarkable as what would later come in Dr. Caligari, but it is still of some interest as a sort of evidence of warm up to Wiene's exploits in the cinematic branch of German expressionism. Genuine is plagued by plot holes and is very confused, yet its style is still noteworthy.

Chris P (us) wrote: Arguable Marvel's best offering yet. It's hard to criticise this one as it has great actors, fresh story line and a killer soundtrack. The villain was the weakest part of this movie but is outweighed but everything else.

Ryan H (it) wrote: I'm sorry Matt Gomez, if you see/read this. I feel like me disliking this would disappoint you. The question that arises while watching this movie is how much information should the story teller give the audience at a given time? I loved this for the exercise in trying to discover what's the smallest end possible. I also loved the way none of these characters can be remotely seen as all good or all bad. However, I didn't fully believe in all the decisions Jackie made, and I also felt like after a while Arnold was forcefully trying not to tell us things. The holding back of information works at first. I was really sucked in when I began to see things unravel. At the wedding everyone tells Jackie that they haven't seen her in a while and a man says he wants to be able to mourn someone just like she can. We also know previously that a man is out of prison that effects Jackie, but he also doesn't know what she looks like. We can connect the pieces that someone close to Jackie has been killed and this man who has been let out of prison early for good behavior has something to do with it. The problem is the only thing we get after that is figuring out Clyde killed Jackie's husband and child. What keeps us going though is the interest in the characters. Clyde kept the movie alive. I enjoyed getting to know his character, plus was intrigued about how Jackie would interact with him. We see her pick up things off the street that could be dangerous, like rocks and glass, whenever she goes around him. But is he dangerous? We don't really know because we don't know how he killed her family. This is played up with the anxious feeling we get whenever she goes to the Red Road apartments. First she meets Stevie and April who live with Clyde. Stevie was also in prison. We assume this because earlier in the film she says that people who live in Red Road were typically ex-convicts. So when Stevie says go to the window and feel the breeze, we feel a little scared of what he's about to do. The problem for me is that I never felt like I got to know Jackie. I never understood why she was making all of these decisions. Even in the end when she says that the last thing she said to her daughter was something angry and mean, then Clyde killed them while driving on crack, I still didn't get it. Why did Jackie hang around everyone so much? I know she's angry that he got out early just because of one line said earlier, then her sex drive is thrown off and can't secretly bang the one guy anymore. Her stalking became kind of a movie thing. I didn't really believe what was going on. I especially didn't believe her having sex with Clyde no matter what. Was that really her plan? To convict him of rape? And why did everyone believe her, considering this was the guy that killed her family? Even the guy at the police department talked to her about him earlier. I felt like this film took sex too lightly. What would have been more interesting is seeing Jackie cry as Clyde has sex with her. But instead there was pleasure, which I'm sure is supposed to be some kind of statement, but again I'm having problems believing any of it. And nothing really seemed to make me believe that she would have let Clyde back out. After seeing it I realized she probably did this because his daughter came by, but I don't think that would cause a change of heart. At least while watching it nothing clicked there for me. I guess I was just waiting for something to blow me away since information was kept away for so long, but the information held was something that has been done in films plenty of times. An example of this story that comes to the top of my mind is Signs, where the man can't forgive the one who killed his wife. I understand they are both done in completely different ways for a reason, but the regret on both sides is something seen in plenty of other films. If you're going to be secretive then give us something that's not cliche. Perhaps my problem is I'm not a big fan of films that just try to lead up to one big surprise anyway. I like when Hitchcock would do it because he would hold information until the first half was over then the next half would be all about what comes from the reveal. I also didn't quite understand why Arnold felt it important to have unsimulated sex for the scene between Clyde and Jackie. What I think this film would have benefited from was someone to look over the script as a story with real characters and not just an exercise of style and unique storytelling.