Branded to Kill

Branded to Kill

After botching his latest assignment, a third-ranked Japanese hit man becomes the target of another assassin.

A hit-man, with a fetish for sniffing boiling rice, fumbles his latest job, putting him into conflict with his treacherous wife, with a mysterious woman eager for death and with the phantom-like hit-man known only as Number One. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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St A (mx) wrote: For a film that's a spiritual sequel to the "so bad it's good" Sand Sharks, this ludicrously themed shark flick is not as fun as it could have been, despite the amount of silly death scenes, lapses in logic (story and character wise) and continuity errors.

Franois M (kr) wrote: Le cinma, c'est le bonheur de tomber sur de fabuleuses surprises comme The Perks of being a wallflower... Un film remarquable sur la complexit de grandir avec les outils qui nous ont t donns... Dcouvrir la vie, une blessure la fois.

Fiong M (nl) wrote: good, but so sad T____________________________T

Jehangir A (jp) wrote: Slow movie with a stale story

Michael K (nl) wrote: I'll give it one chance . . .

Mike B (nl) wrote: Boring, cloying tripe.

Pavandeep S (fr) wrote: Watching my first Bill Douglas film, I felt like watching where the director had a lot of vested emotional interest, it really is one of those films where you feel the heart is talking, heavily in thought. The extremely personal way of displaying thse characters and some of the more disjointed ways in which the scenes are shown, particularly those that displays the darker realms of the human being makes this a film that was shown and cut based on human empathy and sympathy.

Alex F (br) wrote: An unconventional movie with an unconventional plot and unconventional characters, but all of that works hilariously thanks to the great script and direction by Bateman.

Matt C (de) wrote: Fantastic film. With so much more meaning to it than just the plot itself.

Farah R (mx) wrote: A captivating tale elevated by Ian McKellen's masterful performance as the notorious detective Sherlock Holmes. Bill Condon's vision is subtle in his direction of this elegant story, showcasing breathtakingly beautiful cinematography and focusing on the humane aspects of the now elderly character. I very much enjoyed Mr. Holmes and can honestly say it left quite an impression.

Dimitri C (jp) wrote: "Before I wake" is nice and may not meant to be classified as an "horror" movie. Thanks to really great visuals and a strong direction, the movie is good, but it has to deal with some weirdly writted scenes and an absolutely uncharismatic first actor (Kate Bosworth).