The life and legacy of Marlon Brando and how he changed acting.

The life and legacy of Marlon Brando and how he changed acting. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben R (ag) wrote: it started really well, but then i got the impression it was just a piece of antagonistic propaganda, designed to engended a sense of doom, fear and dread. this seems perfect ammunition for the 'end of timers' who constantly go on and on about the end of the world. however, the last 30 minutes redeemed the film somewhat by delivering impartial facts in a provocative manner.

Jayden C (jp) wrote: really not interested

Felicita H (es) wrote: Just because the actors i think..

Billy B (fr) wrote: A group of friends on a night out decide to do an Ouija board, but unexpectedly let out an evil spirit who starts picking them off one-by-one. I've always hated British films. The British accent really irritates me when it's really strong, and this film is no exception, and the accents weren't the only thing in the film to annoy me. It was boring, predictable and just very vague. I found myself looking at the time waiting and waiting for it to end. There was not an interesting moment in the flick and why Universal put this in cinemas in beyond me. The plot is simple and unoriginal, and whilst it's the perfect premise for a horror flick, there could've been so many ways for the film to expand the plot for some interesting scenes but is just stuck to a generic plot. The acting was horrible. I really cannot stand heavy British accents and it just ruins acting for me. Overall Long Time Dead is a generic boring wannabe slasher film thats leaves the viewer bored. My rating is 2/5

Lilo C (us) wrote: Is dis a chicky dicky thing?

Peter C (au) wrote: It came before Teen Wolf! And it was a damn site funnier. Larry Cohen must have had no budget at all for this, but somehow that just adds to the fun. If you like cheese, you'll love it!

Ross C (ag) wrote: Very dull British drama about the Bosnia conflict yet mostly set in London.

Danny R (ru) wrote: Tony Scott's well-crafted, pulse-pounding, thought-provoking post-Cold War thriller, concerning the American nuclear ballistic submarine USS Alabama which has received orders to launch its nuclear missiles, as a Russian civil war gets worse, and some of their rebels take over an ICBM missile complex, which could start World War III and a nuclear holocaust. The USS Alabama's Captain Ramsey, played by Gene Hackman in a brilliant performance, and his executive officer, Lt Commander Hunter, played flawlessly by a superb Denzel Washington, clash over the validity of their orders which will lead to a mutiny and epic struggle for control of the sub. The interplay between Hackman and Washington is magnificent, and they keep the tension at a very high peak with their sensational performances. The late great Tony Scott's skillful, superlative direction will have you on the edge of your seat. Solid supporting performances by George Dzundza, Viggo Mortensen, the late James Gandofini, Matt Craven, Danny Nucci, Steve Zahn, Lilio Brancato, Ricky Schroder, the late Jason Robards, and Ryan Phillippe. A rousing score by Hans Zimmer, with impressive cinematography by Dariusz Wolsky, and the visual effects by Hoyt Yeatman are awesome, as are the incredible sub sets by Michael White. An intelligent, thrilling film that is one of the best submarines motion pictures ever made. Highly Recommended.

Joy E (au) wrote: interesting but in the deep way sort of lame