Brando Unauthorized

Brando Unauthorized

This biopic of the legendary actor Marlon Brando stars Damian Chapa as the two-time Oscar-winner and focuses primarily on the troubled relationship Brando had with his son Christian who battled drug addiction

Delves into the career of Marlon Brando. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brando Unauthorized torrent reviews

Mike J (ag) wrote: works well as a cure for insomnia - Daric Gates should be embarrassed by this pathetic excuse of a movie.

Aslyn E (fr) wrote: Par for the course in black comedy. Some hilarity (men being dumb, relationships) sandwiched with not so hot fare (grandfather). There's no boundary breaking going on here but it will get you chuckling enough to be worth the watch.

Jerem M (us) wrote: A pretty standard coming-of-age tale that gets old fast. (See what I did there?) It has its moments, such as Farmiga's tantrums, but it never charms the way it wants too.

sumit r (us) wrote: if u havnt saw did movie, den it could beone of da biggest regression of ur lyf.

Peter F (mx) wrote: Actress Adrienne Shelly's first-and-last directorial effort (it was released post-humously, after her tragic death), is a bitter-sweet send-off for the indie favorite. While shot in a style similar to that of her mentor Hal Hartley, Shelly forgoes the philosophical trysts of his films, and instead incorporates a sense of whimsy and nostalgia that gives the film the tone of a contemporary fairy tale. Not to say that the film is shallow though, as Waitress carries universal themes about womanhood and unexpected virtues, and not once comes off as heavy-handed. Waitress also is augmented by it's delectable cast, that all understand how to be quirky, yet believable for the film's ethos, with Keri Russell proving she's much more than just a pretty face here. Cine-philes aren't likely to be seeing this one as a masterpiece, as its pat for sure, but fans of thoughtful indie films will do themselves a real treat by visiting this one.

Aseneth R (it) wrote: Very laughable movie ???. I enjoyed it

Sam S (gb) wrote: Funny movie...Hilarious.

Breanna C (ag) wrote: miss Britney Murphy <3

Jamie S (ru) wrote: The story was very interesting and kept me captivated. It could have been more visually appealing but that might have more to do with the year it was made in. Biggest issue was that the explanations the servant gave for a few of the tarot cards actually had nothing to do with their actual meaning. For example, The Hanged Man doesn't mean illness or death, it means purging ones need for physical possessions and becoming more spiritual, gaining a new perspective, acceptance and inner harmony. The Moon card doesn't mean travel, it means mysteries being revealed or hidden. But other than that, I was very entertained.

Phil D (kr) wrote: This was the1 i needed out of the 5 and it was ok good 2 see more of conners past.

Darren R (es) wrote: I absolutely love Fonda, Gordon Willis' cinematography and Pakula's direction, but I found the script a bit dull, the titular character a complete bore and the music a bit repetitive. I really enjoy Michael Small's score to THE PARALLAX VIEW, so I am a little disappointed with his music here, as it sounds like he only wrote ten minutes and based it on Lalo Schiffrin.

Nate W (kr) wrote: zatoichi is still a badass

Chris B (de) wrote: Suspenseful and well acted, Kurosawa takes on the Film-Noir genre and crafts a beautiful filmed masterpiece! At a running time of nearly two and a half hours, the film absorbs you in to the story and setting, from the mansion that Gondo (Toshir Mifune) owns where the first hour takes place to the drug infested streets, and never lets go! While you admire Gondo for making such a huge sacrifice to save the child's life, you feel sick to think of how his life dive bombs because of it. What a totally engaging film that is so beautifully captured in all of it's details that it makes a long film seem short and makes you hope that it never ends! Highly Recommended, especially for Kurosawa fans and fans of the film-noir genre!

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/29/2011)

Buggy B (kr) wrote: 18/03/16 a Scotsman falls in love with a Nicaraguan refugee and returns home with her to the violence and devastation of her country's civil war