Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company

Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company

Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company pushes the limits of freeride mountain biking and showcases the skills and passion that make him one of the most versatile and explosive riders on the planet. Brandon handpicked a crew of riders who drive and inspire him in each discipline for this film, ultimately creating some of the highest level of riding ever caught on camera. The film features an eclectic soundtrack that flows like your favorite mix tape, while seamlessly meshing all disciplines of mountain biking. NWD Films and Red Bull Media House have teamed up with some of the top cinematographers and digital effects artists to create an innovative style, while keeping true to the “all killer no filler” style of the New World Disorder. FEATURED LOCATIONS: Fiji, Retallack BC, Sunshine Coast BC, Pemberton BC, Kamloops BC, and Utah

RAD COMPANY will take the audience on a high performance visual ride around the globe. Stunning imagery, progressive action, a plethora of riding and filming styles as well as cutting edge after effects - the film will pick up where the iconic NWD franchise ended nearly five years ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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