Jim Brannigan is sent to London to bring back an American mobster who is being held for extradition but when he arrives he has been kidnapped which was set up by his lawyer. Brannigan in his American Irish way brings American law to the people of Scotland Yard in order to recapture this mobster with both a price tag on his head and a stuffy old London cop to contend with.

In this film, Detective Jim Brannigan is an Irish-American detective in London. After the requisite culture-clash routines, it's down to business as Brannigan teams with Scotland Yard official Commander Swann to corral a crook who has absconded to England. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edward H (nl) wrote: Great Movie. A must watch documentary!!

Brad S (de) wrote: One of my favorite documentaries of all time.

Mark G (ru) wrote: Sobering and disturbing. Tomas is a true hero, but even more so for continuing his fight for truth and justice here at home.

Dillinger P (de) wrote: Bronson shines in this visually stunning yet spineless western.

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Not a good Jim Carrey comedy, don't know how it spawned a sequel. Nothing special, very standard

Mark S (br) wrote: this one was really well done. weaver and kingsley work well together. highly recommended.

Tyler S (jp) wrote: "So Young, So Bad...SO WHAT!?!?" This is exploitation, camp tra$h at it's best. Reform School Girls was TOTALLY in on the joke - this masterpiece is up there with "The Boys In The Band" and "Network" for films that decided to circumvent the genre - and let the audience in on the joke. Shocking, Repulsive, Hilarious, at times heart-felt - this movie is everything John Waters hoped to achieve with any of his films.

Augustine H (au) wrote: Oliver Stone is never tired of revealing the awful truth of the American hegemony. 'You let them close down the universities, you let them wipe out the best minds in the countries, you let them kill whoever they want, you let them wipe out the Catholic Church, you let them do it all because they aren't Commies! And that, Colonel, is bull shit!' What a pungent yet critical remark has James Woods, who has been brilliant in this film, made in here!

Lars B (it) wrote: Erotiskt laddad film kompliserade relationer kanske mste ses flera ggr innan den stter sigregi Pedro AlmodovarSynopsis: Sexilia (Cecilia Roth), en punksngerska, nymfoman och dotter till en bermd gynekolog trffar under en rockkonsert Riza (Imanol Arias), son till ledaren av det fiktiva landet Tiran (som ska ligga i mellanstern) som rymt till Madrid fr att ha sex med andra mn. Sexilia och Riza blir kra i varandra och deras krlek frblir (till skillnad frn en hel del andra av filmens konstellationer) platonisk tills slutscenen. Dessutom r ngra terrorister ute efter Riza, och en av dem blir kr i Riza (till en brjan utan att veta om hans rtta identitet).

Mark D (es) wrote: This is not that good. Bob(House by the Cemetery) makes an appearance and his dubbing has improved which is a bonus. Apart from that it is only watchable. The special effects are very bad and the narrative and acting(for a change) is wack. This was a sign of what was to come from Fulci after 'Ripper'(which is awesome)

Danny K (jp) wrote: Romero's surreal and unique take on a teenage vampire character study

Brad S (ca) wrote: I enjoy this one. It dated for sure, but Poitier's performance is so strong, it makes it captivating all the way through. I enjoyed watching it again and highly recommend it!

Daniel T (au) wrote: The greatest film of our time? Piss off

Ken S (es) wrote: "Horse Feathers" is a great comedy from the Marx Brothers. Groucho is Prof. Wagstaff who takes over as the President of Huxley College, Zeppo plays Wagstaff's son who is a student at the school. Chico and Harpo play two goofs who get recruited by Groucho to play football for the school team, though he thought they were someone else. It is endless quality comedy from the mad minds of the Four Marx Brothers. It also has some of the best songs in any of their films, "Everyone Says I Love You". One of their finest efforts.

Weul S (ru) wrote: A poor but proud doorman loses his prestigious job on the same day his daughter weds, leading him into a shameful road of theft and regret as his neighbors revel in his misery. As the title proclaims, though, he gets his comeuppance when a rich man dies in the bathroom he's now attending. Although the ending seems a hurried afterthought, this Murnau classic has both revolutionary camera work & emotional merit.

Diego T (ru) wrote: Grossness aside, this is an awesome horror movie about pubescent werewolves. Full review soon.

Nguyen Thuy H (jp) wrote: Right from the shot of Lizzie plunging herself onto the sea waves, I can sense the underlying theme of individual existence. And it's true. What the film presents was that, despite love and friendship, our sufferings, our struggles for survival are essentially individual. That the film's characters are perfectly well-mannered and considerate only adds terror to this chilling message. Of course, there is always someone surviving, and I am wondering whether the identity of the survivor is meant to represent something political.