Brasa Dormida

Brasa Dormida

A young man from Rio who, down on his luck in the capital, takes a job as manager of a sugar mill in the country, where he finds love with the mill owner’s daughter. The former manager, who had been demoted for incompetence, becomes jealous and tries to sabotage the mill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leslie B (br) wrote: I think reviewers are much too hard on this movie. I found it quite funny in many places. When you watch this movie, keep in mind that the wife is in a big hurry. She doesn't want to think things through or plan, just get results as quickly as possible.

Adam D (ca) wrote: Cheesy, Cute enough for the 'Tweener' set

Colin P (ru) wrote: Really odd movie in that "Carnival of Souls" kind of way, with the same leery, uneasy feeling permeating throughout. Like walking down a dark street alone.

Stephen E (jp) wrote: Visually gorgeous but still just as emotionally distant as its first half, "Che: Part Two" offers an understated look at the conclusion of the revolt that the famed titular revolutionary tried to inspire in Latin America, only to find himself eventually betrayed by those that he thought he was helping. Del Toro's physical appearance matches that of Che's and his performance is thoughtful, but unfortunately, he isn't given much to do. Those who know little of Che's life outside of this film will find themselves struggling to maintain interest due to Soderbergh's realistic but removed approach. "Che: Part Two" contains some beautiful images and a haunting score from Alberto Iglesias, but there simply isn't enough in it to hold the viewer's attention.

Heidi A (nl) wrote: Couldn't put it better than the critique below by Kate... "Oh. My. God. This film was so terrible that the very word "terrible" feels like an overstatement. Plot? What is this... plot... thing you speak of? Acting? I'm beginning to think such a skill is a myth. I would rather pour arsenic in my eye...(read more)s than watch this movie again." Ditto

John P (gb) wrote: The parallel storylines worked reasonably well but it was a shame to see the acting fall behind. Slightly dull but was also quite often moving and funny.

Lee M (ag) wrote: Downbeat but ultimately hopeful, it's a domestic tragedy that cuts clearly to the bone, finding emotional nuance among the family's knotty secrets and dense layers of subterfuge.

Kyle L (fr) wrote: 2001 Maniacs is one of the best gore splatter Horror films ever made since the original Hershell Gordon Lewis' classic and it is also one of the most brutal Horror movies ever made. 2001 Maniacs is a really fascinating and intriguing Horror film that will keep you interested from start to finish. The plot is pretty simple and it's about a group of people who find they're selves in a town called Pleasant Valley after finding a detour sign in which the others also ended up in the same way as the rest. And as the group stay in the town they soon realized that they are the main target of the feast by the people in Pleasant Valley and the group must escape before they all get killed. I seriously had a fun time watching this movie and I have to say that this movie is super violent and gory as well. From start to finish all of the kills are seriously gory and crazy as well. Everything about this movie is great. The only thing is that I never watched the original Hershell Gordon Lewis' classic and I was only familiar with this film and it's sequel 2001 Maniacs Field Of Screams so mainly I'm planning to watch the original Hershell Gordon Lewis classic as well even the sequel to this movie. Normally as a splatter film this movie doesn't focus on any scares but more primarily on gore and blood mixed with graphic violence and it stays true to the original Hershell Gordon Lewis' classic because all of the kills are bloody and gory and I did like the idea that it stays true to the original Hershell Gordon Lewis' classic so far. What's great about 2001 Maniacs is that the film also has a lot of incredible plot twists and turns and I like the scene that reveals that the entire citizens of Pleasant Valley already died when the teenagers made a report to the cops and the cops showed the place and they later on realized that all of those people are already dead and I did like that idea so far and it was kinda creepy. What I also like about 2001 Maniacs is that the film is full of crazy graphic and gory kills and all of the kills are just as brutal as the one in the Hershell Gordon Lewis' classic. The first kill scene where the girl gets her arms and legs pulled by the people who are riding they're horses is one of the most insane kills and that kill scene is super gory and graphic as well and I did enjoy watching that scene so far. The scene where Ricky gets impaled with a long spear by two girls in the back is one of the most brutal and the sickest scene in a Horror movie and I think that is one of the best kill scenes since the final kill in the film because the way Ricky died is seriously sheer on the brutality and violence of the film plus I like the idea of that scene and it is great so far. The scene where one girl gets crushed with a bell by Granny Boon is one of the most graphic and the goriest kill in a Horror movie and the way the girl was crushed was so intense and brutal as well. While the best kill scene in the film is the scene where the two remaining teenagers gets decapitated by the barbed wire by Huckle Billy and I think that's the best kill I've ever seen since Ricky's death and that scene reminds me of the ending of Wrong Turn 4 Bloody Beginnings in which the last two girls gets they're head decapitated by the barbed wire and that scene reminds me of the last kill scene from Wrong Turn 4 and I think that it is the best kill in this film so far. What I also like about this film is that the movie has a lot of wonderful settings and all of the settings in this film are just great all of the houses and buildings are just great so far in the movie and I did like the idea of the film so far and the town of Pleasant Valley has a lot of wonderful houses and other things as well. The acting is great the performances of the casts are incredible and I also like the short cameo of Eli Roth in his role as Grimm from Cabin Fever and I think I like how he appeared in this movie plus I was fund of him in this movie and he was even funnier in this movie than what he did in the first Cabin Fever and I was thinking all the time that Grimm may have been to other places in 2001 Maniacs before he ended up dying in the woods in Cabin Fever plus I also like the performances of both Robert Englund and Lin Shaye as Mayor Buckman and Granny Boon even Cabin Fever's Giuseppe Andrews did a good job with his role in the movie so far and I did like how the casts performed in the film. Writer and Director Tim Sullivan is really learning on how to make Horror movies and he's really gonna be the master of splatter Horror films in the future and I like how Tim Sullivan followed the footsteps of Godfather of Gore director Hershell Gordon Lewis' and Tim Sullivan will soon be the Godfather of Gore as well in the future and I can't wait to see more of Tim Sullivan's films in the future as well so keep it up Mr. Tim Sullivan. Overall 2001 Maniacs gets a 10/10 because this movie has the same kind of style as the original Hershell Gordon Lewis' classic and it also shows that Tim Sullivan has talent so I hope he makes more good Horror movies in the future as well.

bill s (br) wrote: DeNiro and Crystal really elevate this movie with DeNiro in particular shinning through.

Jason N (jp) wrote: Never really got into this one. Good cast of actors but nothing award worthy. Another hair lip reminder of how much we miss. River Phoenix

Shyntha R (it) wrote: I am a big fan of keanu reeves, and i dont know this o.O

Lucas F (it) wrote: I prefer the game Hong Kong 97

Scott R (fr) wrote: As low budget as it is there is something just deliciously wrong about this movie I have always loved ever since I first saw it. It's not about being dire and depressed or helpless.

Mithun G (ag) wrote: An absolute must watch.

Christine K (jp) wrote: One of the best films I've seen. Ms. Lange is among the best actresses ever.

Alex K (au) wrote: My Favorite Science Fiction Film Is 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey.