Brasil Ano 2000

Brasil Ano 2000

It is the year after World War 3 and the film follows the odyssey of a girl and her mother as they explore a devastated Brazil.

It is the year after World War 3 and the film follows the odyssey of a girl and her mother as they explore a devastated Brazil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brasil Ano 2000 torrent reviews

George G (gb) wrote: superb movie....where indian cinemas never seen before

Inta K (de) wrote: adooorable and touching movie! soo sweet and warm! so full of love, care and devotion!so full of so huge and big emotions!surprising movie! in one moment it turned out soooo unexpected and touching!

Luis B (kr) wrote: Incredible acting and story. I read all the critics reviews and they saw a different story than I, a gay man, saw - this was a truly outstanding film that inspired me to take off the chains of normalicy and flash forward with zeal of life and living! Not that I plan to do drag any time soon, but it gaven me a deeper insight into others who enjoy this! Highly recommended but be aware, it has deeply distrubing themes!

Sean R (fr) wrote: A leap forward in realism

Rob B (de) wrote: shows the darker side of the porn industry. shares a lot in common with a george c scott film called hardcore, but i prefer this one. it's more grittier/disturbing and has a sense of realism about it that is hard to shake once it's over.

Greg W (ru) wrote: throwin that ole football around

Titan R (kr) wrote: A pretty solid concept, and though it's been done before, I don't think the whole "protagonist sees dead people" theme has ever been catered to a young audience. Stop motion is, as always, a sight to behold, though honestly, the film takes a route that didn't really fit. Our protagonist, Norman, is a bullied misfit, and by God does the film drive it into the ground. The first 20 odd minutes is Norman getting ruthlessly ostracised by both friends and family. Perhaps just the one or two scenes could've given off the fact that he was a misfit, and more time could've been spent in fixing up the messy concept. I hated the main villain, mostly because their intentions really didn't make sense. However, I LOVED all the characters, vicious and comical stereotypes coupled with great voice actors. Really, the only thing that let it down was the general conflict, vital to the structure of the film. If you can get past that, it's a quality horror kids film.

Ron W (de) wrote: Great movie!! Can never go wrong with a movie that has Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins