The popular Bratz dolls come to life in their first live-action feature film. Finding themselves being pulled further and further apart, the fashionable four band together to fight peer pressure, learn what it means to stand up for your friends, be true to oneself and live out your dreams.

Yasmin (Nathalia Ramos), Jade (Janel Parrish), Sasha (Logan Browning) and Cloe (Skyler Shaye) are best friends and fashion mavens. During their first year of high school, they must face off against the domineering student body president who wants to split them up into different social cliques. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bratz torrent reviews

Maria G (ag) wrote: Breath holding suspense, jump in your seat action! Loved it!

Simon D (es) wrote: The studio ghibli version of the borrowers. Was good but more aimed at kids than some of the other films.

Brett A (ru) wrote: This was a clerver short story in the midst of the series. Good marketing to release a sub story that did not affect the regular season and still have it tie in so that die hards knew it....

James B (nl) wrote: Good old school style action movie. Simple story and easy to watch. Dolph does a good job directing this one.

Mlissa A (fr) wrote: Classique histoire, repliques, personnages... Mention au porteur d'eau et aux cheerleaders bad-ass...

Annukka P (nl) wrote: No jaa... Vlipalaelokuva sanoisin... Ihan ok, mutta ei juuri sykyttny. Ehk tst olisi voinut karsia pari ylimrist elementti pois, nyt menee ajoittain sillisalaatiksi.

Tim M (br) wrote: Hung is at his thinnest and most Rambo-like in this flick about convicts sneaking into Vietnam in 1976 to destroy a giant American mountain of ammunition. The slow-mo and other special effects are primitive. Hung and Biao get some martial arts in at the end. Entertaining, but could really use a remake.

Todd N (ag) wrote: Most of the movie is a great hard boiled detective flik, then in the last act it goes ape$#@!

Pim C (ag) wrote: Very good lega mystery thriller with Hopkins as the clever mastermind and Gosling a hotshot lawyer who is employed against Hopkins.Good direction and good scenery, it's mid-paced and intellectual. I was a little unimpressed with the story at the end, otherwise highly recommended.

L B (it) wrote: Mesmerizing film which ends up, beyond its aesthetics, having something very affecting to say about what time does to relationships, the endurance of love, and negotiating the needs of each partner.