Bratz: Desert Jewelz

Bratz: Desert Jewelz

When a magic carpet is compelled by an enchanted ring stolen by thieves during a fashion show, the girls are taken on an unexpected journey to help find a genie lamp and to rescue it before it falls into evil hands. Along the way, the girls make a new friend, Alla, and help her discover the richest treasure of all – friendship! Compelled by the theft of an enchanted ring, a magic carpet gathers a group of girls for a magical journey in search of a genie lamp that must be saved before it falls into the wrong hand. Along the way, the girls meet a new friend who helps them discover that friendship is the most valuable treasure of them all.

When a magic carpet is compelled during a fashion show by an enchanted ring stolen by thieves, the girls are taken on an unexpected journey to help find a magic lamp and to rescue it before... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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