Bratz: Desert Jewelz

When a magic carpet is compelled during a fashion show by an enchanted ring stolen by thieves, the girls are taken on an unexpected journey to help find a magic lamp and to rescue it before...

. . When a magic carpet is compelled during a fashion show by an enchanted ring stolen by thieves, the girls are taken on an unexpected journey to help find a magic lamp and to rescue it before

Bratz: Desert Jewelz is the best funny movie of N/A. This movie was introduced in 2012. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Sunil Dutt, Leena Chandavarkar, Farida Jalal, Ajit, Amjad Khan, Om Prakash, Nirupa Roy, Rain, Joon-sang Yoo, Seong-su Kim, Ha-na Lee, Jong-Suk Lee, Seok-won Jeong, Bong-gi Baek, Britt McKillip, Britt Irvin, Dorla Bell, Maryke Hendrikse, Brian Drummond, Colin Murdock, Lenore Zann, Marwan Abouhalka, Tara Strong, Pauline Newstone. There are many categories, such as Action, Animation. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.4 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Andy T (jp)

It might not be as action-packed and entertaining as its predecessor, but The Enemy Within proves to be a good drama with more emotions than just its gun scenes

Anthony S (br)

. i give my two thumbs up. . if you do find time go and watch this film. . This is a good movie with a good cast

Bailey H (it)

And even though parts of this movie are a bit cheesy, they are still often funny, and far more creative and original than other romantic comedies. All of them give a wonderful performance, and even the minor characters play very entertaining and likable roles. The actors also help this movie succeed. The plot can be cheesy at times, and often unbelievable, but there are many realistic themes in this movie that people of all ages can learn about love

Douglas L (it)

I liked how this film went gory again unlike RE 2. however, this movie has held up over time, unlike the next 2 sequels. this movie ripped off a good zombie movie in day of the dead (1985). This is where the series has started to get more ridiculous

Eric R (br)

This film is bat shit insane but its a rather searing commentary on the Advertising industry and the script is really a lot of fun. Grant really captures the insanity which the film was going for and he really is an absolute delight to watch. Grant's absolutely hysterical performance. How to Get Ahead in Advertising is an insane, mean-spirited dark comedy that is really elevated by Richard E. Of and this manifestation is visualized by a gigantic talking boil which begins to grow on his shoulder. He begins to develop multi-personalities with one being a complete manifestation of the fast talking, mean-spirited ad-exec and the other being the nicer version of him. An advertising executive who has spent years feeding off the insecurities of the London public begins to suffer a nervous breakdown when the stress of pedaling all these projects becomes to much

Linda K (br)

ery touching have plenty of Kleenex handy!. Beautiful film that explores the depth of a relationship between humans and wild animals

Nicole H (it)

he rest of the cast is very good too, even Julia Roberts who manages quite a good accent!. Liam Neeson and Alan Rickman are, as always, wonderful. Obviously not a good choice for a light watch. As with most movies involving the IRA, this one involves a ton of conflict, broken relationships and crisis of faith

Petr N (us)

Yeaah!!! :) The best one~! :)

Rick M (nl)

Youtube has the Blondie clip. I loved this movie, but I can't find it anywhere now

Scott M (mx)

I enjoyed reading the synopsis, so that's something