Brave 20

Brave 20

Back in the 1980's, passing the college entrance exam was every high school student's only hope for the future...

Back in the 1980's, passing the college entrance exam was every high school student's only hope for the future. Yet for Chi-wen and Ming-hsien, it is not a road of their own choice. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alejandro L (nl) wrote: Aunque no llega al nivel de "El exorcista" o de "Alien", "El ente" es a final de cuentas otro filme imperdible de la dcada de los 80 que marc una pauta y promovi su inters dentro de la audiencia. Con una buena actuacin de Barbara Hershey (solo buena), as como efectos pticos que hacen un buen par brindando el mayor realismo posible a esta aparente historia verdadera. Destaco la msica de Charles Bernstein que en definitiva aumenta el suspenso e incluso lleva al borde de la desesperacin. Una mencin aparte, la msica de este filme fue empleada (parcialmente) en el filme "Bastardos sin Gloria" de Quentin Tarantino.

Adam M (fr) wrote: Great Japanese film about a punk rock song saving the world! When punk band Gekirin(Wrath, in English) are on their last legs as a band they record one final song called Fish Story. Its 1975, before The Sex Pistols put out their album and nobody had heard anything like it. Not only that, as years go by there are rumours about hidden messages being heard in the song but eventually this song will start events that lead to the world being saved in 2012! Sounds mad? Well, this is Japan and what Asian cinema seems to do so well is take any story, crazy or not and make it entertaining, fun and sometimes realistic to a point. Fish Story is well made, written, acted, clever with a good ending and the song itself is pretty cool to. And hey, you never know, a song could well save the world one day!

Ryan K (fr) wrote: Val KIlmer sucks ass. Worst actor in the world.

Silas S (ag) wrote: A dramatically beautiful story of an eccentric chess genius

Nikola J (kr) wrote: Podseca me na neke ljude iz komshiluka.

The M (nl) wrote: Movie made for TV by Italian horros master Lucio Fulci.It so happened to be that the copy I had was a dubbed version, so it brought the whole thing down a little.But even so I must say that this is the worst Fulci film I've ever seen.

Jarkko T (br) wrote: It has to be a strange film when it's fullest and most relatable characters are mere puppets, but that's what happens here. This sequel relies on a powerful use of scene, just like the original did, but unfortunately the atmospheric tardiness has been all but lost, replaced by an accelerating succession of storytelling no-nos, plot clich (C)s and terrible actors. If only they'd had the audacity and desire actually to bring the fable alive, along with the chilling enigma of Eriquee Chane (C), who knows what this (too) could've been.

mike p (jp) wrote: This is a strange but well made tough guy film. Characters have names like Poppy, Weenie, Mary-ann(Hackmans character!) and Clarabelle!? Lee Marvin is great in this. Bringing alot of depth to his character, he's not only a bad ass but he's got feelings too. Theres several funny scenes with Marvin, one in particular involves him tasting milk. They dont make leading men like him anymore! There is a real sleazy element involving a white slavery auction. And it is here that Sissy Spacek makes her acting debut...butt ass naked lying on a ground of hay in a cattle pen. Thats one hell of an entrance Coal Miners Daughter!

Aditya G (ca) wrote: Never thought I would see a movie this good on my KLM flight back home.

Steve D (us) wrote: A decent sequel but you won??t remember it tomorrow

Scott M (it) wrote: I was a fan of the English language version of the anime series that this film was based on. A fun film with some good effects. The acting was good, too. Female characters exhibit acting talent, and are not just there to provide eye candy for male audiences.