Brave is set in the mystical Scottish Highlands, where Mérida is the princess of a kingdom ruled by King Fergus and Queen Elinor. An unruly daughter and an accomplished archer, Mérida one day defies a sacred custom of the land and inadvertently brings turmoil to the kingdom. In an attempt to set things right, Mérida seeks out an eccentric old Wise Woman and is granted an ill-fated wish. Also figuring into Mérida’s quest — and serving as comic relief — are the kingdom’s three lords: the enormous Lord MacGuffin, the surly Lord Macintosh, and the disagreeable Lord Dingwall.

The film revolves around the main character Princess Merida. Since childhood she has proved to be unruly girl and does not like the royal routine. One day, the queen holds a party to select a husband for Merida. Do not accept the arrangement, Merida leaves the kingdom. Secrets and problems are ahead. What await them? Enjoy the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (it) wrote: A brave and honest look at the harsh reality of illegal immigration from South America to the USA, and the cruelty that awaits those involved!

Plly M (es) wrote: Gloriously gorey and ridiculously cheesy in every way. Loved it!

Kloee H (fr) wrote: I love this movie so much. Hahah and I'm 12 1/2. I'm such a child.

Petri P (it) wrote: Ei Ei Ei Eiiiii.. siis nii ..huh huh.. OIkeesti tn leffan jlkeen, jopa Steven Segalin leffat tuntuu olevan varmaan oscari-ainesta!!! ;);) T on niiin huono ja naurettava, tyhm ja halpis, lapsellinen ja eponnistunu.. mut kaippa t on tehty jonain omakustanteena ;) Hmmm.. siis t oli jopa niin naurettava ja huono, ett oli pakko kattoo loppuun asti ett kuinka huono t loppujenlopuks onkaan!!

Dusty L (ru) wrote: More practical effects could have made this a better movie, but the characters do make the film more like able. It is one of those movies I personally enjoy watching whenever Halloween comes around even if it isn't perfect.

Regina P (gb) wrote: What. The. Actual. Frig. Was. That? I'm embarrassed for whomever was involved in this nonsense. Jada Pinkett was the only one who could act worth a nickel in this film. Spike Lee has a spectrum along which to place his works. Towards the good end, you have Malcolm X, Inside Man, and School Daze. Towards the good-Lawd-what-is-this end is Chiraq and Bamboozled. Total nonsense. And several scraps of total nonsense pasted together to make one total nonsense of a film. This was supposed to be a social commentary on a problem that hasn't existed for decades. He should have done a film set in the period in which minstrel shows proliferated. In the 90s, TV and film were actually much better curators of the African-American image in media, while music still portrays African-Americans as philandering, misogynistic criminals. I know Spike Lee has a personal problem with Tyler Perry. Maybe this was directed towards him. But this was a huge, big, fat FAIL!

Jason K (it) wrote: Day 30 - Down To You (152 Days of Quick Movie Reviews)Don't let the 3% by critics dissuade you from seeing this gem. The problem is this film came out in the wrong decade - it should have appeared on the scene around the same time as Adventureland. Because yes, this is a dramedy. More drama than comedy but marketed all wrong. Prinze & Stiles are perfectly sweet and their real depiction of a relationship is what makes this movie worth seeing. Honestly, don't let the ratings deter you, this is a hidden gem.

Red L (kr) wrote: The mid 1800's is a tough time to be a lady or gentleman. Oscar and Lucinda are meant for each other, but they have to fight through society's rules and Oscar's fear of water. The scene of the glass church floating down the river is pretty cool.

Adam P (us) wrote: Completely offbeat and rewarding, and in true Cassavetes style, you have no idea quite where it will take you in these characters' lives. There are some especially priceless bits with Gena Rowland's character buying a "baby" for her brother and her vivid dreams regarding her husband and daughter. It's all unexpected, layered and touching.

Li C (mx) wrote: Oh, I wish I could have been in that race!

Stella D (us) wrote: made only 10 years after dillinger's death, it's concise if not always factual. lawrence tierney is menacing in his film debut

Brandon S (es) wrote: A slick little action horror ride that is significantly more well-made than it needs to be.

Luigi M (kr) wrote: Before Rushhour you had a cracking little kungfu movie by the name of 'Drive'. And I will state that it was sooooo much more creative and interesting than 'Rush hour'.. Only difference was the budget,, Rush Hour was placed on Cinema and was sensationalised, whilst 'Drive' had budget cuts and was placed on video straightaway. Abit fucked up someone stealing your bluepriints like that and taking all your lime light.... This movie is very crazy and if you ever find it on DvD for cheap is well worth watching, a diamond in the dirt find .... definatly one of my favourite films with Mark Dacascos.. Jackie Chan must have copied a lot of ideas from this and placed it in Rush Hour. Shameon you Jackie ..

Xaviera L (br) wrote: this movie is great. it has action from the front to the end