Brave New World

Brave New World

An acclaimed TV miniseries based on the classic sci-fi novel.

In a future society based on pleasure without moral worries, love is prohibited but casual sex, now called 'engaging', is strongly encouraged. Everyone is kept happy with a legal drug, soma... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brave New World torrent reviews

Shajie K (nl) wrote: 22/09/12 - momFun movie. Worth a watch! Its all over the place though.

Stephanie S (br) wrote: This film was very interesting and gave a lot of insight to the French culture, however it was somewhat confusing. There were many story lines that all crossed and many characters intertwined. My only complaint about this film would be the outrageous amount of nudity and sexuality. The movie falls into the category romantic dramady? but does not say anywhere in the description that it is a borderline pornographic film. This the director could have done without and still made as successful of a movie with more discretion. The director, Jean-Pierre Limosin, is notorious for his strange and erotic dramas. He has directed a total of nine films, including documentaries, TV movies, and mainstream films. His 1998 film Tokyo Eyes? was shown at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. One of the ideas of the film was how Graham, the main character, functioned in life as an everyday human being, despite his head injury. This seemed somewhat realistic. He lives on his own and only relies on a notebook to direct him where and when to go to work? I do not believe that this was truly believable. Additionally, his family was content with him moving to his own apartment and abandoning them to live a sexually inclined lifestyle. Another part of the movie that seemed quite unrealistic was all of the sex. It got to a point when watching the film that you start to wonder if Graham was an erotic dancer prior to his injury. It was hard to empathize with Graham and his unfortunate condition when majority of the movie he was naked and tangled in the sheets with a woman who wasn(TM)t even his wife. The whole notion of free sex for everyone is particularly French and I do not think that this would be accepted in American film. While in an American film, we sometimes see infidelity or brief sex scenes, there was nothing left to the imagination. This probably speaks about the culture and how unlike Americans, they are proud of their sexuality, not embarrassed. This film also demonstrates the value of close and romantic relationships. We see how attached Graham becomes to Irene and how he seems to need her to function, even though he doesn(TM)t have much memory of her in a long-term basis. Overall, this movie was pretty confusing and outrageously sexual, to the point of unnecessary scenes. Compared to 50 First Dates,? the movies are night and day.

Joe E (it) wrote: As Far as the comedy scenes yes; it had some funny moments, and serious drama scenes; yes some of the scenes had some feeling behind it. But honest it doesn't have enough of those elements to really make it seem like anything from american types or Romantic comedy. Unfunny, Unmoving but it had some soul. Just not enough of it.

Pankaj P (fr) wrote: typical Disney movie. they took a good script and turned into a pile of garbage

Brandon J (it) wrote: This movie is just fucking awesome. Some fighting parts looked so realistic.

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Dark, dark, dark comedy, enhanced by FX and the manic performances by the two unlikely leads (whoda thunk of Streep and Hawn as a comic duo??? But the girls work work work it!) that asks the age old question: "so you really want to live forever?" Think bitchy on steroids. Its a fun piece, a commentary on the obsession on youth and beauty, with a eerily grand performance by Isabella Rossellini at the center.

Kevin M (de) wrote: I'd give it 0 stars if that was even possible, by far the worst movie I've ever seen.

Conner R (ru) wrote: I'm sure a lot of people could care less about this movie and its characters, but I really had a great connection with it. I think it has a lot to say and really breaks free from just telling a story about another slacker. Freddie Highmore has shifted promoted himself from being the greatest child superstar to the greatest teen superstar. He plays emotions like a fiddle and gives a performance that is completely natural and true to the character. He's shy and naive, but at the same time he knows more than everyone else and just hates the idea of it. I thought it was interesting to have a character that wants to want to care, but doesn't know how. I also thought Emma Roberts did a great job and it's probably the best performance she's given so far. In many ways she's the high school crush that a lot of people had, but not in a glamorized way. She has flaws and weaknesses that are apparent throughout the movie. I'm not going to claim that The Art of Getting By doesn't follow a pattern of angsty teen dramas, but its execution and core is definitely unique. What it says within the formula is so honest and unattractive at times that it really just feels like we're seeing two people's lives and not just a movie. The way it's shot definitely helps out with this. You get a really life-like visual structure that doesn't just simply look good, it makes sense. The job was to center around the characters and this definitely succeeds in doing so. Now i'm sure this will be thrown into the typical indie teen movie that it was disguised as, but it really doesn't have any of those odd cliches. There's no penciled in credits, no overly quirky and weird moments, no exaggeration and no overbearing philosophical meaning. This movie is completely fine with being "normal", and I mean that in the best way possible.

Zaw M (jp) wrote: Wedding Crashers is both sweet and funny.Performance is fine, but the chemistry between characters is great. Especially the chemistry between Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. They both run the show. There are some cliche' but it worked perfectly.There are some minor problems with this movie, but I don't care because I had a super-fun time with Wedding Crashers and I love it.