Brave New World

Brave New World

In a futuristic totalitarian society, people have no control of their lives or their destiny.

In a futuristic totalitarian society, people have no control of their lives and/or destiny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brave New World torrent reviews

Steven C (au) wrote: this was actually pretty funny. I'm sold, and in love w Barbie and her hot animated friends. this is a future blu ray for sure.

Natasha S (us) wrote: Now that's some good cheese.

Lovro H (it) wrote: Though I don't really love romantic movies, shows or books, I must say that I have quite enjoyed this! I love anime, so it wasn't really hard to decide whether I should watch this or not. It's visually breathtaking and full of memorable moments. The stories in all three episodes are solid, the first one is the best one, and the others are just fine. It was a little bit sad, though I expected it too be much more sad than it was. I would recommend this anime not only to those who love anime, but also to those who love romantic movies, because anime's in a way ARE like live-action movies, most of the time even better!

Noname (au) wrote: A serial killer movie with the brilliant Willem Dafoe. This movie reminds much of Zodiac and Seven because the killer have a unique way of killing his victims. I would probably wanted more thriller from this flick and more tempo but still its a decent flick.

Per L (it) wrote: Knowing the story Nong Toom during the 90's this is an interesting drama with very decently choreographed Muay Thai

Nathan J (au) wrote: Makes you realize why Daniel Craig was chosen for James Bond. The guy is the true embodiment of manliness

Natalie A (ag) wrote: Me gusta. Una historia dulce.

LaDonna W (es) wrote: This sounds interesting. I'd like to check it out. Anything '60's music is worth my time!

Dorota Z (kr) wrote: Film that shows how ppl can live for dancing - expressing their inner beauties, thoughts, emotions, souls through dance.. and if it is possible to find another person who feels the same it has to be like those two found each other in this piece!

Josh S (kr) wrote: Life changing movie.

Maria C (ru) wrote: Beautiful and moving film. Good direction! Good acting! Good Production!

RJohn X (ca) wrote: Bava twists the road movie. The underpinnings of mutated hill people are replaced by sadistic criminals. The sweat is real and stinky. What is it with the Italians and watching women pee on film? Pervs.

Niiles P (gb) wrote: Lucien is a boy with need to belong into something, after being rejected French resistance he joins German police. Setting is absurd but interesting. However, Malle misses to take a full advantage of the story. Instead of actions of Lucien's career we see him lurking in one jew tailor's house trying to make friendly with him and his daughter. Nevertheless, film doesn't take it's side too clearly with I wound confusing.

Tom K (it) wrote: The best bad movie ever made. The difinition of "camp".

jay n (de) wrote: Jimmy's good but this is just another western.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Typical "torture-porn" entry that tries to justify itself under the circumstances. Instead of being satisfying, it just continues to prove that two wrongs do not make a right.

Sharku T (mx) wrote: It's an improvement over the last one as was the book. It just takes you with the story and you find yourself in the story. if you like Harry Potter you like this movie. It's a sequel what lived.

Jimmy C (us) wrote: Quirky, fun with some decent action.

Toni N (mx) wrote: Although it has a patchy storyline and some off performances from supporting characters, the chemistry between the leads is undeniable and it is a mildly enjoyable flick.

Patrcia O (br) wrote: After taking 4 coins out of the Fountain of Love, Beth sees herself surrounded by men who ''love'' her. In the middle of this event, Beth will find her true love, will she be able to recognize it, or think it is just the destiny fooling with her again?