Sidelined by an injury incurred while protecting his young brother, underground fighter Charlie Fontaine feels blindsided when he discovers his brother having sex on his couch with his new wife, Kat. Fueled by rage, a determined Charlie makes plans to get back in the ring and take on his brother in a fight to the death.

After a devastating betrayal, two brothers return to the underground fight club scene in New Orleans and prepare to battle to the death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carey W (au) wrote: Had never watched the series but heard of it. Saw the movie on cable, liked it very much and intrigued me to check into the TV series. Have now binge watched the first 2 episodes and well into third. Wonderful writing!

Thulio F (de) wrote: O filme no se decide em qual gnero seguir: com (C)dia, terrir ou terror. Fraco, chato, previsvel.

John T (it) wrote: Kind of slow, but it's a good touching story of two people finding love. Very pretty scenes. It's pretty hardcore indie so you feel like you're there and the dialog is pretty real not the Hollywood glamorized say a line then cut the scene.

Ken S (it) wrote: at least there were boobs

Lucas S (jp) wrote: The worst shit I've ever seen. Made me want the damn thing to go off so I wouldn't have to watch this shit.

Joseph H (it) wrote: For some reason Greg Smith did a good job and was entertaining. The rest was tripe.

Atul R (ca) wrote: This movie released on 2007 and only played in 1 theater with Limited show. And the DVD releases a YEAR later. I was pretty excited to watch the movie. I like Ali Larter and coulndt wait to watch her dancing and acting with Salman. The movie is boring, very slow paced. Marigold is Ali's name and every time she introduce herself they kept on saying LIKE THE FLOWER! that was annoying. The movie has nothing to offer or no message. Salman looks as if he is drunk through out the whole movie. The way he delivers his line makes it seems like he is sleeping and its really hard to understand him becuase he doesnt open his mouth wide when he talks in english. Ali goes over board in the begining then calms down. She is much better in american movies and Heroes. She looked beautiful in Indian Outfit and there;s a number where she lip synced in hindi, that was a high light of the movie. Other than that nothing much to say. Songs are really painful for the ear. Gulshan Grover has only 2 lines though out the movie which is really bad. If i was Gulshan i would never play in a movie only for 2 lines unless i really need to money or if this was my first chance to be in bollywood. He is in the whole movie and he plays a servant, he just stays at the corner or so. Suchitra Pillai does an ok job. Vikash Bhalla doesnt suit the part of a handsome and playboy girl crazy actor. Him and Salman should have switched the characters. If u just want to see for the heck of it then rent it. DO NOT BUY it. but if you LOVE this movie please do let me know why? Thank u.

Chris H (mx) wrote: If you like the first two films then you could still enjoy this but this is the most flawed of the three films.

Dahlia D (gb) wrote: It's so great, I love it.

Marcus E (jp) wrote: A beautiful Nubian sister from the past gone but not forgotten R.I.P Tamara dearest.

Daniel K (ca) wrote: 3.5: Probably Ford's best cavalry picture, which means it is an outstanding western. However, when one compares it to his truly great pictures it is laughable. The same goes when one compares it to The Quiet Man, but this is only natural as the only reason he made this cavalry trilogy was so that he would be allowed to make The Quiet Man. The straightforward nature of these cavalry pictures make it clear that it is not a passion project for Ford. Still, he manages to turn out an outstanding western just the same.