Bread and Milk

Bread and Milk

Ivan is released a day early from a treatment programme for alcoholics due to a doctors' strike. He returns to his wife Sonja and his sixteen year old son Robi. The first afternoon he spends at home is very pleasant. The next morning Sonja sends Ivan to a shop to get bread and milk. On the way back Ivan runs into Armando, his high school classmate, and through their conversation at a bar, Ivan finds out that long before Sonja became his wife, Armando spent a night with her. Ivan has his first drop of the hard stuff...Kruh in mleko is a bitter-sweet tale of loneliness, estrangement and the glowing embers of love, where there once used to be a fire.

Ivan is released a day early from a treatment programme for alcoholics due to a doctors' strike. He returns to his wife Sonja and his sixteen year old son Robi. The first afternoon he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doctor S (ag) wrote: Stark, perfectly observed low-key comedy/drama with striking black-and-white photography clearly influenced by 'The Last Picture Show' and evocative musical score. Smalltown flavor feels so real, I'm sure I've met some of these people at family gatherings. Will Forte is a revelation showing a real sense of comic timing and drollery that I found completely missing during his SNL tenure. Bruce Dern garnered all the accolades as the addled, heavy drinking estranged father who thinks he's won a million dollars, but it's June Squibb as his agitated, long-suffering wife who really deserved an Academy Award nomination. The foul-mouthed senior citizen is such a tired stereotype used for cheap laughs, but the excellent script allows Squibb to develop a full character so that when she interjects the occasional obscenity, it is surprising and truly funny. The highlight though is when Forte and his brother Bob Oedenkirk decide to retrieve their father's compressor 'borrowed' by a neighboring farmer 40 years ago, and the conversational aftermath in the van had me rolling on the floor.

Asmat U (fr) wrote: great leader of the world

TheScarlatescu R (ru) wrote: same idea as the first, hot cast

Countess N (fr) wrote: So many things were missing from this movie that i just found it boring.

David L (de) wrote: A much more controlled, toned down, and educational version of the stage musical, which some might call boring. Whereas the well known version is full of classic singalong tunes, a wealth of dance, and eccentric characters, this is very flat in comparison. It has a much more religious undertone to it that you could see being played throughout a Sunday school class, with the original being judged as too raunchy. It's still very watchable, but with only a few unrecognisable songs in, it feels like the fun factor has just been removed. The underlying backbone of the story is still there, which allows us to relate to it, and it even focuses on Joseph having a wife and family, which I've previously been unaware of. As always, the animation is flawless, but the voice overs are unrecognisable, despite the lead role being taken by Ben Affleck. It's barely repeatable to be honest, but I do think it has been successful in what it wanted to achieve, and that's to give the fundamental story a serious depiction on our screens. For that, you must give it credit, but it's hardly an entertainment production, unless you have a very restricted social life.

Magnus G (ag) wrote: Vince Vaughn as a villain is about as threatening and subtle as a five-year old boy pretending to be Darth Vader in this poorly written and banal thriller.

William R (mx) wrote: Very slow burning and not my cup of tea

Pecky B (jp) wrote: This masterful romantic Drama has Long Haunted me since my youth. I have No Idea how any tacky un-inspired dope of a critic could say anything against this beautifully told story of post civil wartime healing. This story is well written and soul stirring, leaving behind a mystery of self sacrifice and pure love, something which it's critics probably know Nothing about.

John B (de) wrote: A silly little Christian Slater movie. Actually I think the successful Christian Slater movies were the ones that kept him off the screen for most of the time. Christian is sad because his little pirate radio station was busted. Boo hoo.

Gerii C (es) wrote: bad predictable boring.

Steve S (ag) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***